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21218RE: [sdr-radio-com] user Interface annoyances

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  • Anthony Casorso
    Mar 2, 2014
      Yes, they are on a NAS. It seems like a good place to keep a terabyte of recordings :) . I've seen slowness associated with NAS before but this seems over the top.

      I'll try resetting the UI. 


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      I’ve seen this, FWIW try resetting the UI via the Windows Start menu – find the SDR-Radio (V2) entry and there’s a Reset option.


      Re: playback – are you storing on DVD or something? Taking this long is daft – or are the files on a NAS or similar?


      Simon Brown (G4ELI/HB9DRV)


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      Subject: [sdr-radio-com] user Interface annoyances



      Here are a couple of friendy UI gripes:


      1. Running with everything docked, VFO-A, VFO tuning, clock, and data playback windows are all visible. waterfall is scrolling along. If I open the Freq/mode/Filter panel, the whole display starts to flash at about a 1hz rate. The clock window format bounces around. Everything becomes jerky. CPU utilization bar climbs up to 50%. Close the Frequency panel and everything returns to normal.


      2. Data playback. Opening a 20 minute recording file for a 400Khz bandwidth takes a long time (about 50 seconds, give or take a few). Are you pre-reading the whole file? My files are stored on a network drive, BTW. Then, when the little circle finally stops spinning, the "play" button remains grayed out and I have to wonder what is going on. Oh yes, the radio needs to be stopped first! This is silly. If I open a recording file from the playback window, I surely want to play it. The play button s hould be there for me and pressing it should stop the current mode and switch to playback mode.


      Right now I am running 1674 Beta but these are not new symptoms.


      Thanks for serving my need to whine,



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