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21203RE: [sdr-radio-com] Newbie needing help

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  • Simon Brown
    Mar 1, 2014



      Licence is built in. No money needed for now J.


      Click SPAN (middle bar) to so the Zoom.


      You can’t change the bit depth with soundcards.


      Simon Brown (G4ELI/HB9DRV)


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      Hello all. I just got the SDR-Radio console running and have a couple questions.
      First, how do I get license? The screen says to go to sdr-radio.com, but I did not find anything there.
      Second, as my sound card device apparently has nice 20 kHz filters for its intended audio music purpose the available RF bandwidth is only +- 20 kHz of the LO freq. So the current BW display on the waterfall, +- 50 kHz, is just wasting space and resolution. Is there a way to zoom this in?
      Third, while I can change the sample rate, is there a way to change the bit depth (i.e. to select 16 vs 24 bit)?
      Fourth, is there is user manual?
      Thanks much!
      Rod, VE7VV

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