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19946Questions I've been meaning to ask........

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  • bob.larose
    Jan 15, 2014
      First off, really enjoy using the SDR-Radio console. Excellent job Simon!

      I'm using it very successfully with the Fun Cube Pro but I've had a couple of nagging questions/issues. I've posted them to this group because I think some are.more related to the software but I'm not sure. 

      1) When changing frequency and the the software jumps from one 192 kHz segment to an adjacent segment, sometimes I see a big difference in background noise (as seen by noise in the spectrum monitor pane). What is that all about?

      2) When I am tuning using the standalone tuning pane (with S-Meter) using up/down clicks the Fun Cube automatically jumps to the next 192 kHz segment. However, if I am just using the track wheel on my mouse, when I come to a 192 kHz band edge the displayed frequency keeps moving but the Fun Cube does not resolve the frequency change beyond the band edge and the audio goes dead. 

      3) When scanning a band (up or down), when the Fun Cube jumps to the next 192 kHz segment the spectrum display shows that it establishes a new segment centered on the bottom (or top) frequency of the last segment. This means that if you are scanning up or down you've only got 86 kHz more to scan before it jumps again. I understand that this would not be much of an issue with SDRs that have a wider usable bandwidth but it sure is inconvenient (especially in terms of the mouse issue above) when using the Fun Cube. Any solution?

      4) I am seeing images (offset by 192 kHz) from strong signals that will disappear if I change segments and come back again. A couple of times I have been tricked into thinking they were a fundamental. Any solution?. .. 

      Again, I'm very pleased with the SDR-Radio console and I understand that these are very minor things.I'm just wondering if you've had these inputs before or am I missing something?


      Bob LaRose W6ACU