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18169RE: AGC is off but isn't?

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  • mux_folder2001
    Nov 4, 2013



      You have answered my question when you say that you do no additional AGC processing. I am using a VAC. Perhaps that is doing something.  I "assumed" that the VAC was OK since I did not see the issue with HDSDR. Perhaps there was another reason I wasn't seeing it.


      As for using HDSDR instead, I would rather not do that...






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      As always, how about screenshots of these programs? It really is frustrating to keep asking but I am very busy and a picture really does paint a thousand words.


      When AGC is off then I can’t think of anything affecting the audio output, you haven’t said how you’re feeding data into the second program – VAC, Stereo Mixer etc.


      If HDSDR works OK then of course you could use HDSDR J .


      Simon Brown (G4ELI/HB9DRV)


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      I am feeding the output of SDR Console V2 into another program and looking at the audio spectrum. I do this to get horizontal scrolling  and good control of the palette and brightness/contrast for weak signal beacon chasing. I notice that strong signals in the filter passband shift the noise baseline down and the waterfall background is dark while the strong carrier is active. This dark banding sometimes obliterates the weak signals I am looking for. I thought it was due to AGC so I turned it off but the effect persists. When I do the same with HDSDR in "IF output" mode, I don't see this. Is there some extra AGC action happening in addition to the AGC from the DSP panel? If so, can it be bypassed somehow?






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