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17595RE: RE: Compatible Android Client?

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  • josephrot
    Oct 15, 2013
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      Keep in mind, and we all usually try to, that powered USB hubs are notoriously difficult to make work or work well for SDR efforts.


      Some are speed impediments as far as data throughput and SDR "bandwisth", and quite a few need sometimes extensive 5V power modifications as well.


      Then there are some hubs that also introduce noise and "signal aberrations" that simply should not be.


      With direct-to-USB chassis connections ruling the present day, overall, USB 2 and possibly USB 3 hubs just do not work well.


      HOWEVER, with the introduction of USB 3.0, the above situation may change. on desktops, laptops and tablets, and we as a group do need feedback from USB 2 and USB 3 SDR users on the results.


      Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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      Robert as said the OTG does not work with all phones/tablets out there.

      This is usually because the USB is not powered so a powered hub between the OTG lead and the dongle works.

      I know you are going to say that's not good for portable but I use a 4 port hub from a Pound shop and modify it to run off 4 x AA rechargeable batteries to give 4.8 volts.

      To do the modification you disconnect the +5V lead coming from the USB plug (PC connection) and connect the battery +VE lead in its place so that it supplies the hub but not the phones/tablet.

      I use this set up on my Galaxy Tab 2 which doesn't provide enough power on its port.Strange that when my Galaxy S3 does. I use the modified port on both as it saves the phones battery. All that cost £3 GBPounds! The OTG leads only cost £1.50 each of Ebay.

      Hope this helps.


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      Hi Robert

      The SDR Touch works fine, still in developement though. Download the 1.7b from the Facebook site: http://sdr.martinmarinov.info/beta/AndroSDR17beta.apk

      Remember to download the RTL2832 Driver from GooglePlay.

      That driver is also used by another app coming up; Wavesink. Free trial on Google Play.

      OTG does not work on all phones but give it a try.



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      Not sure if this was mentioned but I recently found an app for android that is called SDR Touch v.1.6.. this app uses the RTL usb dongle, You need a "on the go adapter" (OTG) that allows you to plug the USB from the dongle and adapt it to a mini USB for the Android phone. I am waiting to the delivery of my OTG to see how it works but this may be an option for SDR use away from home.

      Robert A.

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