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15056Re: [sdr-radio-com] Re: version 1.5 crashing when tx mute is selected and I hit the cw key to transmit.

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  • Stu C
    May 7, 2013
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      Well done tracking it down so accurately, also for closing the thread with real information that describes the method to create and to avoid.
      I don't know if there is any way to reduce the impact of sound card loss in Windows but I have found many times with USB sound cards the connection needs to be treated with kid gloves, sometimes a simple plugging something in beside a working card can disturb it enough for a serious lock up. I'm pretty sure this is OS wide so unlikely to be something easily fixable in software running on that OS.

      Sorry to hear about the reduction in marbles, I get the impression you had a fair few to start with so you'll get by ;-)


       On 07/05/2013 06:37, Robert Holsti wrote:
      I tried that and it  does not help. I think I might have found it and it is a combination of operator error and tricky start up and shut down of the external radio control.
      I have been using the software as a pan adaptor with external radio tuning and listening to
      only the big rig audio mainly because there is to much latency in cw from the computer and with your keying.
      If you do not have the earphones plugged into the computer, the computer automatically selects the Icom usb bridge for audio. when you transmit with mute enabled, you are muting the usb bridge and end up with a crash. 
      In the external radio interface, you have to follow the sequence of connect, connect, tracking on mute on tx  turned on. when you are done with the software, you cannot just close the program, you have to turn off mute, turn off tracking, then stop the interface, then close the program.
      If you do not follow that sequence, you will end up with a crash.

      I went to count my marbles and I have two missing now.
      Robert KH2BR

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