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11955RE: [sdr-radio-com] Re: Struggling with SDR-Consol - Again

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  • August JJR
    Dec 1, 2012
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      I run among others a machine with XPproSp3 32 , 4core, 3GHz 4GB , also for compatibility with some old soft of my interest, and this is the one I use more.
      I had lot of problems with autoupgrade: MSIE upgrade, XP malware upgrades, and generally MSXP upgrades. More, I had severe problems from a certain time with Adobe acrobat readers upgrade, so that I endly left acrobat and went to a freeware pdf editor, simpler and lighter. I also had problems with MSIE upgrade (went back to 7 ), with MS Net Framework, with Java updates lately, and time ago with Apple soft upgrade.  
      The most damn thing was MySQL logger corrupted after some framework upgrade!
      In fact I was not able to re-install MySQL in the logger, without removing Net Framework .  And to remove it completely has not been a simple affair !!  
      So, I am not a PC guru and very often I scrap severely my head for a silly thing that for me is a big problem .... but I have learned by experience that when a system works fine, every upgrade may be a bad thing. So as long I can , I try not to update things that are not strictly necessary. The only auto-upgrade is for McAfee total protection. It gave me problems too, but only once, for an error.  
      Now I have some BSOD appearing just as I start an application short after OS loading ; my wife confessed she used that machine and approved some upgrade request ...
      So, when I'll be in the right mood, I'll try another restore .... But why in the hell , when something is endly OK, they will ever plague us with such erroneous " upfdates" ? Or is this in the interest of selling always new versions, more heavy more complicated and more resources-hungry ?
      When will we absolutely need 128 bit systems to find a telephon number in an agenda?
      I do nowadays lot of things that I did - not so many years ago - quite well and happily with  singlecored 8 bit 2 MHz 256KB ram 20MB-HD machines !!!  (but I did also earlier with simpler CPUs, like i.e. the glorious 6502 ! )
      Is that progress, or waste ???
            THINK      (IBM, these years)
      73 de Augusto I2JJR


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      Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 23:24:23 +0000
      Subject: Re: [sdr-radio-com] Re: Struggling with SDR-Consol - Again

      At 20:27 30/11/2012, Mark wrote:

      >If you haven't had any updates to a WinXP machine for a rather long time, I would definitely go investigate that first. I run a WinXPpro machine at home (for some backward compatability with older hardware) & another at work (definitely for backward compatability with some older development tools). Based upon my personla experience with these two (very active . . . both used daily) machines, I would summarize updates this way: if you go two to three days *without* some kind of update, then it certainly bears looking into !!

      I can do no more than go to the MS Update website to determine what updates I need.
      If I do so I go round in circles downloading and installing KB951847 again and again.
      There are 8 others pending but I can find no way of getting those eight.

      73, Cheemag

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