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Re: Need SD-Link NCS Nov. 29th

You have it James!  The net pre-amble is on www.sdlink.org. Ed W0SD ... You have it James!  The net pre-amble is on www.sdlink.org . Ed W0SD On 11/5/2017
Ed Gray W0SD
Nov 6, 2017

Re: Need SD-Link NCS Nov. 29th

I can do it as of now I don’t see any issues On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 8:59 PM Ed Gray W0SD w0sd@... [sdlink] < ... I can do it as of now I don’t see
James Dietz
Nov 5, 2017

Need SD-Link NCS Nov. 29th

We need a SD-Link NCS for Wednesday November 29th.  If you can do this please let me know. Ed W0SD
Ed Gray W0SD
Nov 5, 2017

SD-Link Coats

If you go to www.sdlink.org and look at SD Link apparel you can see a picture of the coat.  It is lined and fairly warm.  The cost is $100.00 and if you want
Ed Gray W0SD
Oct 12, 2017

SDARC WS Electric Underground completed

SDARC obtained ownership of the Wessington Springs site from the state of SD in November 2010..  It is west of WS about 4 miles on the south side of the
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Oct 11, 2017
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    SD Link Net and MT-63 practice

    Paul KD0TKX will be calling the SD-Link net for the Huron ARC this month so please check in.  Also remember that we had to change the Humboldt PL tone to
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Oct 4, 2017

    October 7 Simulated Emergency Test

    The 2017 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be this saturday October 7th beginning at 10AM and ending around noon or when all traffic is passed. This year our
    Oct 2, 2017

    Humboldt 103.5 tone

    Unfortunately the interference that caused the incessant ker-chuncking on Humboldt is back.  It will be gone a few days and then it will be back with a
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Sep 23, 2017

    Conditions causing keyup on Humboldt

    We have conditions today that are causing keyups on Humboldt and keying up the whole SD Link.  I suspect it is out of Ottumwa, IA where they have a 146.2 tone
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Sep 5, 2017

    SDARD SD Remote

    I have posted some messages on our SDARC remote group.  If you are signed up and did not get them please check your spam filter and make it an approved
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Sep 3, 2017

    SDARC SD remote project

    If you have not subscribed to the SDARC SD Remote users  group and are interested in this you can send me an e-mail at w0sd@triotel. net or subscribe at
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Sep 3, 2017

    Re: SDARCSDremote group

    This or, kd0ust@... Chip+ On Sep 2, 2017 21:34, "Ed Gray W0SD w0sd@... [sdlink]" < sdlink@yahoogroups.com> wrote: I have sent out invitations for
    Chip Johnson, KD0UST
    Sep 2, 2017

    SDARCSDremote group

    I have sent out invitations for SDARCSDremote users using groups.io    I do not have e-mail addresses for W0AZJ and KD0UST. Can anyone help?  Also if you
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Sep 2, 2017

    SDARC 2M WS Remote Net 144.270

    If you are not on 2M SSB don't worry.  You can be a big part of this and would be very important to SD emergency preparedness!!! Starting on September 10th, 
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Sep 2, 2017

    ECOMM in SD

    It has been a dream of over 50 years to have reliable 24/7, 365 day emergency radio coverage of the state of SD.  There are a lot of challenges in doing this.
    Ed Gray W0SD
    Aug 30, 2017
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