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Tonight's meeting

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  • tanseylisa
    Hello all, Thanks very much to everyone who came & took part in our discussion on the Future of War. I heard a few new ideas - such as about non-lethal
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2007
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      Hello all,

      Thanks very much to everyone who came & took part in our discussion
      on the Future of War. I heard a few new ideas - such as about
      non-lethal millimeter wave pain weapons (from first-time and
      well-prepared attendee Beth - thanks Beth!), new guesses as to why we
      went to war in Iraq (keep our war machine oiled - thanks Rob), and
      reasons why we rape & pillage aren't as popular during wartime as they
      once were. (Thank goodness whatever the reason!) Rob also mentioned
      a statistic that globally violence is declining precipitously - some
      good news suggesting the future of war is bleak.
      Towards the end, Andrew waved the banner for Western Civilization &
      the propagation of middle-class values. This is something I often
      mention & feel gratitude about - Western Civilization. I know it's
      not PC to be tooting our own horn, but I say "Yay!" for W. Civ. In
      particular, as Andrew also noted, the status of women. I shudder to
      think of being born as property somewhere. The thread of the
      conversation was something to the effect of as the traditional spoils
      of war are not something the invading country wants to take, the
      allure of war for aggression's sake will also decrease. Some wars
      might still have to happen. & of course, I brought "The Lucifer
      Principle" by Howard Bloom to represent the idea of war being
      intrinsic to how we've succeeded in the game of group evolution. (I'd
      also brought "The Pentagon's New Map" by Thomas P. M. Barnett, some of
      who's points were confirmed by a first-time attendee who'd been in the
      We did wander off the topic of the Future of War to the present of
      war, and how come we went to war in Iraq, and what constitutes
      success. I am just a beginner at the herd cats I mean lead a Future
      Salon discussion gig. So, I would appreciate your suggestions on how
      I could do a better job. Some people like details, some prefer just
      the big picture philosophizing. Ya can't please all of the people all
      of the time, but I'd like to strike a happy balance. I'm pretty
      omnivorous in my information consumption, but I know some of y'all are
      more picky. So, please let me know. In particular, I could use some
      help keeping us on topic. A couple of folks have offered to assist
      with this & I will take them up on it.
      I will work on getting an official speaker next month. Also I am
      going to check with the bookstore as to whether we can switch to the
      third Sunday. I know, we just changed the day & time, however we now
      directly conflict with the L.A. group & some of them have sometimes
      made the trek down to S.D. and vice-versa, so I don't want to preclude
      that possibility.

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