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2 gray tabbies, semiferal, need taming or home

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  • NatelleB
    My very nice friend Vilma sent this to me to post for her. I believe the fosterer s e-mail is vpisrael@gmail.com for further inquiry. Or Vilma can also answer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2012
      My very nice friend Vilma sent this to me to post for her. I believe the fosterer's e-mail is vpisrael@... for further inquiry. Or Vilma can also answer questions (vivilee@...)

      Photos of both cats here:



      Thx, Natelle

      From: vivilee@...
      To: natbe@...
      Subject: Fw: Two kitties need a home
      Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 11:26:22 -0700

      Hi Natelle,
      I hope to find you well.
      Do you know anyone that would be willing to work with this moma and her less than one year old kitten.
      They were trapped by some rescue group volunteer and I work with sometimes, they were brought in to Val's home, but she did not have the time to work with them.
      They are not ferals anymore, just semi ferals.
      We need someone that has a little time to work with them and make them a little more calm.
      Sorry to bother,I know we are in kitten season and it is very dificulty to find a person that has the time and the space. 
      There is a cat rescue group that will take them in after kitten season is over and they are more tammed.
      Would you please send this info to your friends that works with ferals. 
      I am sorry to bother you, i know you are very busy, but i don't know to many people that works with ferals anymore.
      I still have my colony and my cats and help Animal welfare with transporting, but i don't trapp anymore, so i don't I don't get to see the feral cat coalition people anymore.
      Thank you,
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      Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 10:50 AM
      Subject: Two kitties need a home


      Val is anxious to find these two semi-feral kitties a home.  Do you know anyone that would take them or can you network them?



       These 2 cats were trapped by one of our volunteers several months ago and were being kept in crates so I brought them to my house and put them in a kitty condo. I was told to keep them there until they let me hold them....after a month it seemed cruel and so a friend built an enclosure for them for inside my house which is 6 x 5 x 5.5 ft...they have been in there for over 6 wks...it's just not right to keep them in the small space any longer.

      They come up to me but won't let me pet them - they are sweet, but obviously still a little feral.

      I can't just let them go loose - they meow when it is time for their wet food in the am and pm and for nighttime treats...and the boy plays with his toys.

      The mom seems young and the boy kitten is under a year old. I had them both fixed and vaccinated and microchipped. Both are fiv/flv negative...they are both stunning and sweet.

      If you can take them or know if a safe backyard or well kept safe colony I will donate for food for them every month during their life time....and I would be sooooo appreciative forever.

      Thank you,

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