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Re: FCC December Clinic - La Mesa, 12/13/2009, 12:00 am

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  • NatelleB
    Kathleen, Here s my longwinded answer. Hopefully not too much redundant stuff for you. But I tried to cover the ENTIRE question: They need to recover for 1 day
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      Here's my longwinded answer. Hopefully not too much redundant stuff for you. But I tried to cover the ENTIRE question:

      They need to recover for 1 day for boys and 2 days for girls in a warm place in the trap. You keep them in the trap in a bathroom or garage (preferably as warm a place as possible due to their body temps are lowered under anesthesia and they need to be warmed up with the trap over some bricks and newspaper on the floor or put the trap crossways over a noncovered litter box so they can pee through the trap onto the newspaper or in the litter box. Boys need to recover til MOnday morning and girls til Tuesday morning. Check the girls stitches and make sure they haven't popped open. That happens rarely, but it happened to one of my cats. If that happnes you have to call the hotline right away or preferably Mike Fitzgerald on something that obviously bad. Other questions, theres an after-care sheet they give you on the things to call a vet about--just call a vet and ask the question telling them you can't afford to bring them in you just have to ask a question or you can ask us here--we might have seen the same condition before ourselves. Stuff like: there is a swelling under the girl's stitches or there is a little blood visible are things I've seen.

      You feed them just a little bit of canned food Sunday after surgery. Canned food is all they will eat when they are in the trap, if anything.

      Best to not come in and visit them at all cuz they just get more stressed. Talking to them is not a good idea while they are trying to recover.

      Then you bring them back to where you trapped them and release them.

      Are you able to keep them in a bathroom or garage after the clinic?

      Personally I would never just trap and fix and immediately release a cat. That doesn't seem safe enough and I don't know that anyone does it. They will release a mamma cat that is nursing however. They call it "early release" and it is for cases where people don't want the kittens to die. Mamma still has a good chance of recovering if she is being fed in a colony. So I guess that's another criteria to think abou twhen deciding to release early: are the cats healthy and well fed, and have quiet cubbyholes in which they sleep--i.e., they are not stressed out cats normally.


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      > If I make an appointment for some ferals, what after surgery treatment is involved? They are a little socialized, but I don't have any way to have them in my house.
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