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Cat needs home

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  • NatelleB
    Did you guys see this? This cat is in San Diego. Like we need to know about more cats needing homes. Oh well. Wish I had room for more. Nope. Not til I can
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2013
      Did you guys see this?

      This cat is in San Diego. Like we need to know about more cats needing homes. Oh well. Wish I had room for more.  Nope. Not til I can deal with people.


      Help Put Diesel's World Back Together
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      Community Animal Assistance

      Help Put Diesel's
      World Back Together

      First he lost his best furry buddy, China Girl. Then his best two-legged buddy, an 88 year-old veteran, disappeared from his life (he's in an assisted living facility now). It must feel like Diesel's whole world has been shattered.
      But his person's relatives are trying hard to change that. Can you help by adopting him?
      Diesel's an 11 year-old, shorthaired orange and white, neutered, gentle cat. He's a sweet, calm, somewhat shy guy who would love a semi-quiet retirement home. Less than a year ago, Diesel was diagnosed with diabetes, for which he takes two insulin shots daily. It doesn't bother him one bit. You would never know he needs those medications to meet him. He's perfectly healthy otherwise.
      Diesel currently lives in San Diego, but if there's a happy home waiting for him within a 3-hour radius of the metropolitan Los Angeles area, his extended family will personally escort him there. But even if you're further away, they'll work with you on arrangements. They just want to find this boy a home.
      Because his extended family knows how much their relative adored Diesel, they'll provide a stipend for his care, and a guarantee of return if for whatever reason it cannot work out successfully.
      If your home is the perfect place for Diesel to enjoy his golden years, please call Karen at (323) 225-4024. Or email her at karen.leafygreen@....
      Even if you can't add Diesel to your family, you can still help simply by forwarding this email or posting his flyer where you work, shop, and play.
      Thank you for looking out for your local animals. And thanks for all you do for our furry friends! Together we can bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets.
      Please Help the Animals

      Karen at (323) 225-4024
      or karen.leafygreen@...

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