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"Beyond the Post-Cold-War World"

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  • John Therrien Dale
    Dear Friends, If you don t know about it, Stratfor.com , subtitled Global Intelligence, is a website that publishes periodic reports
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2013
      Dear Friends,

      If you don't know about it, Stratfor.com, subtitled "Global Intelligence," is a website that publishes periodic reports or opinions about current international economic and political trends, situations, and events, and the forces that, in its opinion, drive them.  It is designed to be read primarily by the One Percent and its followers in terms of how to think about military, economic, and political power and the future shifts of such power as elites compete for dominance.  Basically, it offers an overall elitist view of the constant churning of humanity's geopolitical parts.

      What Startfor is not is an analysis of what should normatively be happening around the world in light of the sustainability of overall Earth/human and human/human relations, that is, in light of international law, international human rights, and the global policies and programs of the United Nations.

      I am not aware of any publication that does this, i.e., a weekly publication dealing in a fairly technical and sophisticated way with true global intelligence, with what we could call normative international relations, and with the building of a sustainable Earth Community.  If anyone knows of such a publication, please inform. 

      Such a publication could be vital in terms of helping to strengthen world religious and citizen activism for a better United Nations and a better rule of international law, in short a better human future. 

      Of course, there is the news and commentary that comes out of the United Nations system itself on a daily basis, but, barring a specific resolution by the UN General Assembly or the Security Council, this is usually in the form of limited and very general statements and recommendations by the Secretary General, or heads of agencies, who like to keep a low and undramatic profile.  It is not very helpful to the activist who might want to make specific and informed recommendations to his local US Senator or President or to other leaders of opinion and  thought.

      The current Stratfor article, entitled "Beyond the Post-Cold-War World," deals with what it sees as the probable general future courses of action of the big powers: Europe, the United States, Russia, and China.  It is available at

      John Dale
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