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  • Michael McNeil
    Hi Norrene, yap. I just can t believe it, going on 98 and he made it through surgery! looks, like I m staying home, and now down to business. After I play a
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      Hi Norrene, yap. I just can't believe it, going on 98 and he made it
      through surgery! looks, like I'm staying home, and now down to business.
      After I play a bit with it via the SKY, I will connect the stack, and do
      some real testing. Now, what I need is like something as you see at my
      web site, the dumbbell, as you note all the doubles, and possible
      planetary system? So something like that would surf ice for starters?
      Hum, I just got up, this deal with my father-in-law, required much time
      with the wife. So I just sleep in. I have one other concern, I think, as
      I don't know if this will be a problem on the new computer, or if I'm
      just missing something. It works any time format, but wants you to put
      in local mean time. Then the UT, which is what the SKY wants, is off. Or
      am I off? You see I think it gets down to I've got so damn used to the
      old Compustar, its hard to look at this and expect to get instant
      results. BTW the book, has a mistake I found and have notified them.
      When putting in the time, it will say are you west of UT, time. Well
      just like the LX200's they have the time backwards. I found my self in
      Greece? So for daylight time, just don't put 7 put 07 so its a minus.
      Other than that, I just can't believe the tracking, right out of the box
      as it were. If I can get hold of my friend in the back village, I'm
      going to get hold of his Lanthanum EP, 2.5 mm and see if I can get a
      better idea of tracking. One other thing. I'm recommending they put a
      mini muffin fan in. If the box is out in the hot sun light, the motor
      master chip shuts down. This is normal for most any electronic device
      under heavy duty operation. After a few minutes in the shade she started
      back up just fine, although, I could have done something wrong too, so
      heat may not be a problem. At least they have never heard of it before.
      The computer is small, very light weight. Inside the construction is
      very airo space. They have a policy if there is a major chip upgrade,
      such as object catalog, they will get out a computer to you while yours
      is in. Very nice. Technical support is great. Ha, compared to Celestron,
      wow. Also as a point they are in some way aligned with R.C. telescopes.
      Not talking about small amateur, but that and there real big scopes, the
      pro jobs. get your self a small can of lithium grease. That's the
      standard for the drives. Tooth brush it in. Remember the gears, if need
      be, as they will already have it on there. Not your teeth???? The only
      difference between the EQ2 and my job is the RA gear is much larger in
      diameter, but remember this mount is to take larger OTA's. Talk about
      having fun yet, get me my 24" then wow. As its a thin mirror, some new
      kind of material, making it much stronger and lighter, I think this
      would take the load. The DEC no. I would need Aim to beef that part up.
      But the truss construction, covered by a carbon fiber tube, I'm told is
      only 300 pounds, with both mirrors. So I'm thinking a 5.5 or 6" guide
      scope. And will still be under the 500 pound mark. All your rates for
      the motors are adjustable, ramping amounts, speed, which I would
      recommend keep it slow, there is no need to rush, i think it helps get
      one dead on target, although ramping does that, and backlash, and much
      more are all user defined. This is why its hard for me. With my memory
      problems, and so used to the Compustar, I find my self getting less
      done, but give me a few day, minutes anyway. I look at the old compustar
      RA base mount, and this new one, man, night verse day. That nickel shaft
      is so smooth. Anyone getting the EQ2 that has shipping, remove the metal
      covers from both dec and ra worms. Yes you can admire it, but, there are
      2 mounting allen type bolts for each. make sure they are snug, only
      snug. During shipping they could come loose a bit. Pat needs to make a
      small book on the fine adjustments. I know them as Pat came to me, but
      he just can't go to every one. But he can talk you through it very easy
      as well, if you need to adjust anything. The EQ2 are a set item, so I
      think there will not be any need for anything, like this unit I have
      which is a new deal, right off the milling machine. Make sure you give
      them your proposed latitude, as the EQ2 mount that sits on top of the
      pier only has so many degrees of adjustment, as they make it to your
      latitude. OTA rings I'm not sure of? Contact them, they may already have
      some? On this new mount, they make the boss that hold the forks, if not
      there's, it can be made for your forks. But again, that's a different
      deal from the EQ2. If the rings are thick enough it should be easy to
      drill and tap some small holes for guide scope if required. The C14,
      should be no problem or even the 11 and 8's, as you can set it back
      enough to clamp you guide scope to the rear cell holes, and be above the
      rings. If I can find the paper work, there is a place you can by very
      cheap, a slide assembly with self locking devices for piggy back scopes
      and guide scopes, or what ever. I'll look hard for the papers, and post
      them. The thing came from a chap on the MAPUG group about a year ago.
      There real use was met for large miter boxes, and other rail machining
      locking rails. I think the 36" kit was $29 for all the parts. Just cut
      to fit, or buy the individual parts to build to your needs. This is the
      deal I would mount to the rings, or use aluminum block spacers on the
      front and rear holes of the OTA to get the rail above the rings. I think
      AIm should know about this? I can't think of anything else right now. So
      its more reading, and reading and reading, and playing as you read, hell
      can't hurt anything. Mike
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