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  • ...number of developers straight out of college and there is a sharp architect/senior dev/junior dev hierarchy? I dont know... -- Siddharta Govindaraj siddharta@^$2 +91 99400 36487
    Siddharta Govindaraj Oct 7, 2011
  • ...think it was Jeff Patton who wrote on his blog that many people make a mess of backlog grooming. It is tricky to get right. -- Siddharta
    photon_ent Jun 15, 2010
  • ...stories pairwise. In the latter case it is too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and just let the priorities fall apart. -- Siddharta http://ToolsForAgile.com --- In scrumdevelopment@^$1, Ron Jeffries wrote: > > Hello, Siddharta. > > Everything you did below goes...
    photon_ent Jun 14, 2010
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  • ...much more consistent and better aligned to the product and business goals this way. [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kano_model -- Siddharta Govindaraj http://ToolsForAgile.com --- In scrumdevelopment@^$1, "Michael D. James" wrote: > > One dimensional, force ranked list...
    photon_ent Jun 13, 2010
  • Hi Hitesh, This is interesting. Is there a website for the event with more information? -- Siddharta Govindaraj http://ToolsForAgile.com Follow us on Twitter - http://twitter.com/silvercatalyst --- In scrumdevelopment@^$1, "Hitesh...
    photon_ent May 20, 2010
  • ...need. Otherwise state clearly that the CSM gives you only the bare essentials and you are still not equipped to run a sprint. -- Siddharta Govindaraj
    photon_ent Feb 9, 2010
  • ...by themselves can also figure out scrum without needing to attend a CSM course. I'm not sure thats the audience for the CSM. -- Siddharta Govindaraj
    photon_ent Feb 9, 2010
  • ...understand the landscape, so that if they have problems with integration, they should know that CI is an option to consider. -- Siddharta Govindaraj
    photon_ent Feb 9, 2010
  • ...correct early enough to reduce the risk to the project. Yes, provided the team has been given the knowledge and skills to do that. -- Siddharta Govindaraj
    photon_ent Feb 9, 2010
  • ...will make them fail, in order to satisfy the 5% (0.1%?) who want to use scrum to run a restaurant? It makes no sense to me. -- Siddharta Govindaraj
    photon_ent Feb 9, 2010