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  • I've been discussing Scrum with a number of Internet startup's and have been surprised. Many of the problems that Scrum solves persist and the word on how easy it is to solve them using Scrum seems to be narrowly distributed. In particular, the problem of engineers thinking that product management can't make up their mind, and that product management and marketing think engineering...
    Ken Schwaber May 4, 2000
  • You are absolutely right concerning backlog management. I sometimes use the word "silly" about the rules (like chickens and pigs), because these little rules are really major bulwarks in the Scrum approach. However, if we start a training session by going over the list of rules, everyone glazes and turns off. If we say, this is the philosophy, the theory ... and, by the way, here...
    virman@aol.com Apr 19, 2000
  • Kent Beck asked, "What problems are solve by the Scrum planning process that aren't addressed by the Planning Game? I answered: Primarily the inputs: 1. There is a list of tasks for Scrum planning that needs to be accomplished, including defining infrastructure, technology, backlog (stories) and the building of the prototype that implements a surface picture of the product. 2. A...
    virman@aol.com Apr 5, 2000
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  • Kent Beck and I have been doing some comparisons of XP and Scrum to see how each can benefit from the other. The first comparison is attached. Ken Schwaber
    virman@aol.com Apr 5, 2000
  • As you work, storing and associating information regarding your work, what you look up ... an auxilliary brain and memory of what you're doing.
    VIRMAN@aol.com Mar 24, 2000
  • I'm looking at putting a brain, associative memory, for teams and each team member to support Scrum. Any ideas? Ken Schwaber
    Ken Schwaber Mar 24, 2000
  • Nortel announced the acquisition of a Scrum user, CoreTek - a 120 person company in Wilmington, MA - for $1.43b today. When I first got involved with CoreTek, Nortel was already interested, but at a much lower valuation. CoreTek president, Parviz Tatebati, wanted to introduce a couple of new subsystems at a show in early March to raise the valuation. CoreTek uses micro...
    VIRMAN@aol.com Mar 22, 2000
  • I'm curious what tools people are using to manage backlog, and if team members are reporting work remaining, and - if so - how. To what extent is this tool used for management reports? Ken Schwaber
    Ken Schwaber Mar 21, 2000
  • I was implementing Scrum at an company that both had current operations and was implementing a new web portal. To make things difficult, their production wasn't fully automated and they were getting a lot of new customers that demanded 24 hour turnaround. A lot of things started going wrong, the worst of which is management started to pull in different directions, having different...
    Ken Schwaber Mar 21, 2000
  • The Scrum server seems to be down! Ken
    Ken Schwaber Mar 5, 2000