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Performance Reviews

so, a chicken can rate a pig to be more chicken? Pierre*NEIS* Lean Agile Coach | Associate M: +352 / 661 727 867 pierre@wecompany.me Luxembourg | Paris |
Pierre Neis
11:41 AM

Metrics for Product Backlog

" The goal behind the question is to understand if PB can be managed more effectively. ... Baseline is current state. Actually that's partly why I asked for
Avi Naparstek
May 28

Estimation Units in Scrum

Greg, Reply interleaved below. :) ... Yes, this last. I really do not recommend estimation at all as a general notion. It is too easy to misuse and offers
Ron Jeffries
May 13

Quote about estimating cost/value

Thanks Ron and duly noted that one can possibly get fired for saying such things.  Another related quote -- "Change the organization at a pace that won't get
Charles Bradley - Professional Scrum Trai
May 11

Scrum Master and Risk Management

Yeah, you can certainly add another framework to Scrum for this kind of stuff if you need to to suit your context. However, a small team that is actively
Adam Sroka
Apr 24
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