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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Sort of OT: Responding to hostile mgmt in meetings

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  • Greg Akins
    ... Amen. I pushed on this; but only made a little progress. ... One problem is that anytime I talk about an estimate changing my manager goes nuts. It s
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 27, 2005
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      --- Jim Cloughley <jcloughley@...>

      > It seems from the beginning, you should have been a
      > little more rigid on the
      > acceptance tests. "We'll find out in production" is
      > the exact reason you're
      > in the situation you are in now.

      Amen. I pushed on this; but only made a little

      > You will be estimating and daily updates can help
      > with assessing progress
      > and adjusting estimates. At any point (daily) you
      > could raise a red flag
      > stating that what was initially assessed as 1 day is
      > now 1 week due to
      > uncovering something. Sure your estimate was wrong
      > but the power is having
      > the ability to react. Do you defer this item? Do
      > you continue to work on
      > it but something else falls of the list? This
      > decision is done by the
      > Product Owner. Usually involvement in the process
      > helps because people can
      > see that dev isn't screwing around, they can see
      > that the work can be
      > tricky, you're trying your best, etc. This results
      > in a better appreciation
      > for the team and that can't hurt.

      One problem is that anytime I talk about an estimate
      changing my manager goes nuts. It's pretty
      disincenting to deal with that. The users are great;
      but I'm discouraged from being completing transparent
      because of the environment.

      > With regard to issues that are hard to reproduce...
      > How accessible are your users? Can you sit at their
      > desk to see the bug
      > happen? Can you WebEx to see the bug happen if
      > they're remote? Can they
      > screen snap the steps from login to where the issue
      > occurs? Something must
      > differ between the two systems. Version of software
      > (grin), OS, platform,
      > patch level, user security, exact set of steps in
      > test case. Something must
      > have been missed.
      > Despite not being able to reproduce the bug, you
      > should be able to get some
      > kind of feel for the problem. If a list is not
      > displaying the correct
      > elements, it could be the call from the database is
      > not returning the
      > correct elements, it could be during the unmarshal
      > of the reply into a data
      > structure that could be wrong. It could be the
      > model used by the UI is
      > populated incorrectly. Maybe the UI component isn't
      > refreshing correctly
      > because of an uncaught exception. If you have unit
      > tests around each of
      > these places, you could review your set of tests to
      > see if any are
      > potentially missing. If you have unit tests and
      > they all pass, then this
      > should point you away from some areas and suggest
      > you look somewhere else.

      You're absolutely right. I just think that I won't be
      able to sit in a meeting and say "I'm not sure how
      long it will take, I'll have to sit with the users for
      a few days until I can get a better idea"

      > Again, not knowing anything about the system, it's
      > hard to suggest an
      > approach. Last, as described by the user, can you
      > think of reasons why the
      > program could behave that way? Does that lead you
      > to a particular area of
      > code? Does that code have good tests? Is the code
      > familiar and typically
      > easy to fix? Etc, etc.

      Lots of "bad" unit tests (I am still learning TDD; and
      that project suffered as a result). Test coverage is
      decent, but there are lots of gaps because most of my
      unit tests look more like integration tests than unit
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