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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Looking for examples of Agile process in use at ISVs and large companies

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  • Jeff Sutherland
    There are Scrum teams building pieces of Visual Studio. The Microsoft Business Framework team uses Scrum at some sites. Microsoft TV uses Scrum for your cable
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 30, 2005
      There are Scrum teams building pieces of Visual Studio. The Microsoft
      Business Framework team uses Scrum at some sites. Microsoft TV uses
      Scrum for your cable TV. Arriba claims to have the largest Java
      application in the world all built with Scrum. The list of ISV
      applications is endless. Lots of startups with new applications you
      haven't seen yet are using Scrum.

      Basically, you can tell your boss that his competition is going to
      clobber him with Scrum. It's a competitive weapon that all the leading
      ISVs are using in one form or another along with XP engineering
      practices and ideas from lean manufacturing. Toyota is soon to be the
      leading auto company in the world. Their lean manufacturing strategy
      is based on teams using Scrum practices. Scrum for software is based
      on winning team strategies at Toyota, Honda, Canon, Fuji-Xerox, etc.

      I did a session on the Roots of Scrum at the JAOO conference in
      Denmark this week that covers some of this stuff. The slides will be
      up at http://jeffsutherland.com/scrum as soon as Blogger gets back
      online. They are down for maintenance right now. I guess even Google
      has trouble getting it's act together.

      We need to add another principle to the Agile Manifesto.

      Software that always works over "down for maintenance."

      Jeff Sutherland

      On 9/30/05, Mark Levison <mlevison@...> wrote:
      > > All of my companies have been Scrum companies since the first Scrum in
      > > 1993. All five of them have been ISVs. Scrum was designed for ISVs so
      > > your boss hasn't done his research.
      > Then the fault is mine not my boss. He's read several books (Alistar's
      > "Crystal Clear", "Agile Software Development" and Jim Highsmith's
      > "Agile Project Management") - none of them scrum related. I'm not yet
      > familiar enough with the Scrum process or its history. So I didn't
      > know that Scrum was developed for ISV's.
      > > PatientKeeper, my current company, builds web applications for
      > > healthcare workers as well as PDA application. We are the physician's
      > > desktop in many institutions.
      > Thank you I've added the information to my growing list.
      > > Or how about Microsoft or Arriba or Oracle or SAP. Sounds like your
      > > boss needs some serious education.
      > Can you tell me what products at MS, Arriba, Oracle or SAP are being
      > developed using Scrum (or othe Agile processes).
      > If anyone needs "some serious education" it would me.
      > Thanks for the information
      > Mark Levison
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