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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Fitting a squirrel burger into a 30 day sprint

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  • mike.dwyer1@comcast.net
    When we look at the CAS model Clarity and Agreement should be considered continuum. As clarity and agreement converge, the simpler the solution becomes. The
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      When we look at the CAS model Clarity and Agreement should be considered continuum.   As clarity and agreement converge, the simpler the solution becomes.  The question i am wandering toward is not so much the refinement of clarity and agreement that Agile provides but rather what defines the boundary between insufficient and sufficient clarity and agreement to start with.To put it another way how far do we venture into the realms of Complexity, Ambiguity and Chaos.
      Alistair says for them to come back.  I am asking for some indicators that tell us not to go forward as opposed to only those that tell us we can do it.
      I appreciate both of your assistance in refining the question.  Please continue.
      Mike Dwyer

      "I Keep six faithful serving-men
      Who serve me well and true:
      Their names are What and Where and When
      And How and Why and Who." - Kipling
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      > > somebody said Squirrel Burger and Ken showed up made it and left,
      > leaving > the fried squirrel in a half eaten bun.
      > >
      > > I want one, they said, and I want it in a week then they left
      > >
      > > Where do you begin?
      > I'd begin by asking them to come back. How come they left and didn't
      > come back?
      > > > The requestor's ability to provide clarity as to the functions
      > > > needed and the team's capability to reach agreement on the common
      > > > perception, wold seem to be the critical issue. Once clarity and
      > > > agreement are reached anything can be built quickly.
      > >
      > > Well, I think that just maybe, Agile software development is about
      > > building the software while reaching clarity, not after reaching
      > > clarity.
      > Definitely what Ron said. At the same time, software creation is all
      > about growth and transfer of "understandings" (in quotes due to its
      > subjective and unreliable nature). The people gain clarity/
      > understanding of the problem over time, and gain clarity/
      > understanding of their proposed solution over time. Usually they have
      > to ship their encoded muddled understanding just as they are starting
      > to achieve clarity. It is possible, and occasionally happens, that
      > they get the software working and the users happy, and then instead
      > of shipping the system, they declare that they are close to clarity
      > and then study their encoded solution and gain more clarity and then
      > rewrite the program much smaller and simpler.
      > In this last case, they do indeed build the last version quickly,
      > having achieved clarity.
      > (An example: back in 1978-80, a not-very-social colleague of mine was
      > assigned to write a real-time operating system for a mammoth 3D real-
      > time computer graphics flight simulator. He pissed everyone off by
      > rewriting the operating system from scratch every 4 months ... except
      > that by the end of the project, he had written it in FORTRAN! By that
      > time, his clarity was great, and the operating system was simpler and
      > faster and easier to maintain than any of his previous versions. I
      > don't think he ever received appropriate kudos for this
      > accomplishment)
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