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XP Day 2005 : 28th & 29th November, London, U.K.

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    XP Day 2005 : 28th & 29th November, London, U.K. ================================================ ~~ More than XP. More than one day ~~ XP Day is a two day
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      XP Day 2005 : 28th & 29th November, London, U.K.

      ~~ More than XP. More than one day ~~

      XP Day is a two day international conference about Agile Software
      Development for software developers, project leaders, IT managers,
      testers, architects, and coaches.

      We encourage session proposals from experienced practitioners of agile
      software development methods, such as Adaptive, Crystal, DSDM,
      Feature-Driven Development, Lean, Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP).

      XP Day provides a good opportunity for exchanging ideas and sharing
      experiences, and is suited both for experienced practitioners and
      those wanting an introduction Agile Software Development. The focus of
      this conference is on practical knowledge, real-world experience and
      active participation of all attendees.

      XP Day is organised by the eXtreme Tuesday Club, a non-profit
      organisation that publicises and shares knowledge about agile software
      development practices.


      Why Organise a Session?

      Organising a session is the best way to learn from such a conference.
      It provides an opportunity to share your experiences, to get feedback
      on your ideas, and to try new session formats.

      Session organisers will get free admission to the conference.


      We believe that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience
      and therefore value interaction and audience participation over
      PowerPoint presentations and papers. Successful sessions from previous
      years have been tutorials, workshops, simulations and games. Sessions
      will be organised into four tracks over two days. A session may be 45
      minutes, 1½ hours or 3 hours in duration.

      A session can address a topic that involves any stakeholder or aspect
      of agile development. E.g. customers; business users; analysts;
      managers; developers; deployment; support; recruitment.

      The broad areas we would like to cover are:

      * Introduction to Agile Development
      * Inter-personal Techniques
      * Advanced Practices

      We will definitely include sessions on the following introductory
      topics. We would prefer not to arrange these sessions ourselves and
      therefore encourage submissions on these and other introductory topics

      * What is Agile Development?
      * Introduction to XP and/or other agile processes
      * Test-Driven Development
      * Refactoring

      Other possible session topics include, but are not limited to:
      contracts for agile software projects; continuous process improvement;
      transitioning to an agile process; the economics of agile software
      development; techniques to improve pairing; scaling agile development
      processes; agile free software and open source projects; developing
      mission critical software; agile project management; tools and techniques.

      How to Submit

      A session is submitted by creating a page describing the proposal on
      the XP Day Wiki. Contact submissions@... to request a user login
      for the Wiki.

      For further information on the process please see:

      Important dates

      Submission deadline: Monday 12th September 2005

      XP Day Conference: Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th November 2005

      More information about XP Day can be found at: http://www.xpday.org/
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