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    Here is a tool I developed when introducing scrum to the teams I’m working with now. Feel free to use, improve and repost! Of course, the tool is not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2003
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      Here is a tool I developed when introducing scrum to the teams I�m working with now.  Feel free to use, improve and repost!  Of course, the tool is not perfect (the macros are far less than beautiful, but they met the immediate need).  Not all of our teams choose to use it, but the ones who use it like it.  Teams may or may not use the sample tasks in the spreadsheet - they are just examples of tasks.

      Since I�m posting anyway, I�ll also give an update on my progress in introducing scrum to a �management-centric� organization.  What I found, is what many people have posted to this group lately.  Management overwhelmingly embraces scrum as a way to tangibly track progress in sashimi slices and has seen productivity and flexibility increase.  Most developers also embrace the change because they also feel more productive and more liberated. 

      The teams who have the most trouble however, are the teams who have a tough time getting their minds around the sashimi part of agile - breaking a huge chunk of work - many man years - into several small sprints.  The most resistance seems to come from �old� database / non-object oriented code-base teams who's code is highly coupled, not very cohesive and not automatically build-able, install-able or test-able. 

      The obvious step seems to be brining in a strong technical mentor or two to help the team, but another hurdle will be correctly positioning the �infrastructure� development work and re-factoring that will need to be done to both the team and management.  The organization's history of sucess is somewhat of a barrier to doing even better in that we have done quite well historically by only thinking of today�s gains and sacrificing tomorrow�s position for it. Any tips on jumping over these hurdles?


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