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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Decertification

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  • Fáy István
    Hi, Isn t it the same story that happened to ISO or CMMi? Both are great ideas, and nowadays some companies using only as marketing gadgets. I know about a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2005

      Isn't it the same story that happened to ISO or CMMi? Both are great ideas, and nowadays some companies using only as marketing gadgets. I know about a company that has ISO 9k certificate without evre having produced any output! Our company prepares now for the CMMi assssment, and the CMMi trainer has told us about CMMi  Level 5 certificates for companies that are far from that in their daily practice.

      Anyhow, it should not stop certifiing ScrumMasters, just we as "customers" should be aware of it and should watch out.

      István Fáy

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      Téma: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Decertification


      As unfortunate as this sounds, I expect this kind of event to
      increase.  Scrum's attractiveness of ROI-based communication to
      businesses makes it an attractive "sale."  Fortunately, the
      transparency of Scrum helps expose shallow individuals quicker than
      more traditional approaches, so there are some checks and balances. 

      We should consider corrective guidance, increasing to disciplinary
      action rather than more Draconian measures, unless there is no hope
      for the person.  By doing so, we can view these as opportunities to
      coach and mentor, thus living by our principles.  Through this, we can
      help others inspect their behavior and adopt a more complete Agile
      business style. 

      Thank you for bringing up this sensitive topic.  Scrum is very useful
      and resonates with so many people who need a better way.  It would be
      a shame to tarnish its name through a few people who don't understand
      or consider the far reaching effects of their actions.

      Finally, I agree a lawyer needs to review the process of decertification.

      Brent Barton

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Ken Schwaber"
      <ken.schwaber@v..> wrote:
      > I want get the thoughts of this group, particularly the Certified
      > ScrumMasters, regarding decertification. I had the distinct
      > displeasure of seeing a CSM misrepresent Scrum for his career
      > purposes. He stated that he was developing the next generation of
      > agile and that it would his company to the next level. In his
      > discussion, he demonstrated that he thought Scrum was a top down
      > process to be devised and imposed by his group ( a process group) on
      > the organization. My biggest problem was that he wasnt't so much
      > interested in how Scrum and Agile could improve his company's
      > ability to change to deliver better software and be more
      > competitive, but how "his" next generation Agile would improve his
      > career.
      > So, what constitutes a decertifiable action on the part of a CSM?
      > Ken

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