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  • Fáy István
    Hi, I think it is a very interesting question Mary has mentioned here: how far can / should the team be responsible for the business value? If they are not
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2005

      I think it is a very interesting question Mary has mentioned here: how far can / should the team be responsible for the business value?
      If they are not responsible at all, you can arrive like in the old joke about ISO 9000: making life buoy from lead is fine, as long as you follow the rules.
      If they should be responsible, then how far, and how far should the team be trained in the business case?

      I personally would tend to make the team responsible, because they need to understand the business background in order to correctly understand the use cases.

      What is your opinion?


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      Téma: [scrumdevelopment] Re: The project manager's Declaration of Interdependence

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Ken Schwaber"
      > For instance, #1. The Project Manager and ScrumMaster have nothing
      > to dow ith ROI; if the ScrumMaster helps the product owner fulfill
      > his or her responsibilities, ROI can improve, but this belongs to
      > the product owner, not the ScrumMaster. I can imaging a very
      > frustrated "agile project manager" when the ROI isn't good, since
      > they can't do anything about it.
      > Ken


      I know I'm a month late in responding, but I am really struggling
      with this statement. This sounds like the (former?) XP concept that
      the 'team' is not responsible for business value, only
      the 'customer' is. Scrum substitutes a 'product owner' for the 'XP
      customer' (or vice versa), but the message seems to be the same -
      business responsibility lies outside the team and scrum master.

      I beg to differ. In my paradigm, the entire team owns
      responsibility for business value – for helping each outer figure
      out what that means and for delivering it. In my paradigm, there is
      a team leader who cares deeply about profit or ROI, and helps the
      team discover how this financial value can be maximized.

      I propose that organizations are more effective when people are held
      accountable for their span of influence, not their span of control;
      this concept is not mine, however, it is straight from W. Edwards

      Mary Poppendieck

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