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Re: [scrumdevelopment] A Tool or a Methodology

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  • Grant Heck
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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] A Tool or a Methodology

      > I've been invited to a session on "light methodologies"
      > or "minimalMethodologies". This caused me to rethink about whether
      > Scrum is a methodology.

      I believe Scrum is at least a methodology. As Yourdon points out about
      Hawrysh and Ruprecht's article "Methodologies, whatever there name and
      origin, have some universal components: task lists, techniques, tools, and
      management approaches".

      We know that Scrum has task lists, techniques, etc. Could it be that you
      know them so well that they are second nature to you now and you are not
      conscious of employing them?

      It also has some additional characteristics. One of Scrum's strong points
      is its ability to force a prioritization onto the work ahead, the backlog.
      This covers both process and project management. (In my view, process
      management specifies or determines what and in what order work is to be done
      and project management determines when, by whom and at a different level,
      the work priority.) It seems to me that process and project management
      intersect at the act of prioritization of the backlog, because they both
      deal with enforcement of certain principles (what, in what order, who, when)
      as well as risk mitigation. It is at this intersection where Scrum excels,
      indeed it exploits the intersection.

      So, I think Scrum is a methodology that also reaches into project
      management. So is it a process/project management tool? Is it a light
      methodology or a methodology plus? Framework and environment are too
      general, sounds like we need a new term.

      Grant Heck

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