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Re: [scrumdevelopment] New to SCRUM

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  • Peter McGowan
    Hi Rubén, The something you are missing is sensed by everybody considering this approach to software development. The something is the detail which
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 30, 2000
      Hi Rubén,

      The "something" you are missing is sensed by everybody considering this approach
      to software development. The "something" is the detail which accompanies other
      approaches. These approaches drown you in the details of the tasks you need to
      complete and the order in which you need to complete them - and this of course
      is the problem.

      You are wondering what you need to do, but Scrum is about empowering the team do
      decide what it needs to do. Your job is to communicate to the team the end
      result it should achieve, not how it's supposed to achieve it. You think you
      get the easy part, but any seasoned team knows you got the hard part.

      So forget about trying to become a savvy Project Design manager and just be one.


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      Hi all:

      I'm at the end of a "death march" software proyect for a client. Right
      at the end, i started looking for ways to minimize the pain of
      developing, and came across SCRUM yesterday.

      I pretty much gobbled the whole site (www.controlchaos.com) and at
      the end i'm quite shure that SCRUM is the way to get proyects on time
      and on budget. My background is programming and administration, but
      very little of proyect design and planning, so i feel that SCRUM fixes
      a lot of problems, but i also feel like feel i'm missing something.

      Should i go out there and become a savvy Project Design Manager so
      that i can use SCRUM to it's fullest?, or is the Backlog, Scrum
      Meetings, and Sprints everything a project manager needs to get
      working code on time?, What kind of material is there to implement
      SCRUM on my small company?

      I have zillions of questions buzzing around in my head, i hope I made

      Thanks in Advance
      Rubén Marrero

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