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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Sprint Calendars

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  • Shimmings, Ian
    We used 4 week sprints for simplicity as well. We let the client decide what was best to fit them. We did have a couple of 5 week sprints when lots were on
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 15, 2004

      We used 4 week sprints for simplicity as well.  We let the client decide what was best to fit them.  We did have a couple of 5 week sprints when lots were on holiday – still not sure they were a good idea as it seemed to break the rhythm and felt very long.


      As a nice aside, on delivery of a successful sprint to the client on Friday morning and after the sprint review session early afternoon – we all (including the client team members) went to the pub then home early! J


      Ian Shimmings


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      This is one of the reasons I use four-week sprints (or, for some teams
      two-week sprints). It's much easier to keep track off, the regular rhythm is
      beneficial, and teams like setting it up so that sprint planning always
      happens on a Friday or a Monday (or whichever day they prefer).

      --Mike Cohn
      Author of User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development

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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Sprint Calendars

      Being new to Scrum, I stumbled on a question while reading through the Scrum


      Seeing as how a Sprint is defined as 30 working days, what is the experience

      with teams trying to keep straight in their head where they are in
      relationship to the Sprint end? In other words, since there is no
      between day X of a Sprint, and the Xth day of the month, do people get

      Does it make more sense to start a Sprint on the 1st working day of a month,

      and end it on the last working day of the month? Obviously, if a Sprint were

      ever terminated abnormally, or if a "Release Sprint" is undertaken which is
      less than a month, then even this will fall into the same trap...

      How do people handle this? Does the Scrum Master keep some sort of "This is
      day X of Y" flip chart in the team room?



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