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ANN: Invitation to Open Space at XP Day Toronto 2005

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  • J. B. Rainsberger
    [Note to moderators: We will post one more short announcement closer to the start of the event. If you feel this content is inappropriate for your mailing
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      [Note to moderators: We will post one more short announcement closer to
      the start of the event. If you feel this content is inappropriate for
      your mailing list, then please let us know.]

      Invitation to Open Space at
      X P D A Y T O R O N T O
      Westin Prince Hotel; Toronto, Ontario
      February 19, 2005

      From the Fringes to the Mainstream:

      Addressing the challenges of Agile adoption

      J. B. Rainsberger and Ron Jeffries invite you to join us in OpenSpace
      at XP Day Toronto on February 19, 2005 to explore what is happening in
      the software development market and in agile software development
      today. Come to network and swap ideas, and join with our invited
      experts to influence what happens on a local scale.

      Within the Agile Software Development community, people have been
      saying for a while now that we have nearly consumed the Enthusiasts
      and the Early Adopters, and that we're up against the problem of
      Crossing the Chasm to the mainstream market of Pragmatists,
      Conservatives, and Skeptics.

      (Learn more about the Technology Adoption Lifecycle curve at

      Meanwhile, the economic conditions in the world have put competitive
      pressure on agile proponents, leading to a proliferation of
      differentiated styles of agile: XP, Scrum, Crystal, and even to some
      growing corporate incursions such as Enterprise XP and announcements
      from Microsoft.

      At the same time, owing to improved telecommunications and other
      technologies, and to the growth in excellent software development
      skills in countries all over the world, people who need software have
      a new menu of alternative ways to get their software: home grown,
      purchased, contracted nearby, contracted overseas. Each of these
      approaches offers new challenges to those who acquire software, and to
      those who develop software in one or more of those venues.

      We have invited members of the international Extreme Programming
      community via various XP-related mailing lists, as well as local
      software communities in southern Ontario, eastern Canada and the
      north-eastern US. To help bridge the gap between industry and
      academics, we have also invited Toronto-area software companies as
      well as faculty and students from area universities and colleges. And
      we anticipate that our invited speakers will drop in to lend their
      experience to various discussions.

      The agenda for our conversations in OpenSpace will be up to you, based
      on your perception of the challenges and opportunities in bringing XP
      and Agile practices to your work. You will also be asked to take
      responsibility for reporting your ideas and proposals. Your initiative
      will be essential to our success. Organizations have used Open Space
      Technology successfully across Canada and around the world to enable
      spirited and productive dialogue. This approach will allow you to
      focus on those issues for which you have a passion to discover
      solutions and strategies. An interest in software development is all
      that you need to bring to the event. Familiarity with Agile methods,
      or a desire to know more about them will be helpful. A desire to learn
      what you can and to contribute what you can, is essential. It's not
      necessary to be practicing XP or any Agile method to attend. There are
      no magic bullets here, just people with valuable experiences and a
      desire to do better in the future.

      It's not necessary to be practicing XP or any Agile method to attend.
      There are no magic bullets here, just people with valuable experiences
      and a desire to do better in the future.

      Goals: By the end of this meeting, we want to have:

      * Recognition of the common aspects of all agile methods, and any
      important differences
      * Broad understanding of what goes into the decision process for
      selecting a software development approach: forces, alternatives,
      * Strategies for individuals and groups wanting to inject more
      Agile practices into their work
      * New acquaintances in the software field, potentially leading to
      new collaborations or business alliances
      * Recommendations for actions by individuals and organizations
      interested in software development and the agile methods
      * Commitments from participants to carry these ideas forward to
      the next level

      Our commitment to you: You will be putting in a full day of your time
      so that we can move forward toward our collective vision. In turn, as
      organizers, we make the following commitments to you.

      * Individual discussion groups will have an opportunity to post
      their results for all participants to review;
      * Proceedings of the sessions will be published on the web by
      Sunday evening;
      * A voluntary directory of participants will be provided to
      facilitate further collaboration between participants after
      the event.

      To find out more about Open Space as a meeting approach you might like
      to check out: www.spiritedorg.com, the site maintained by Toronto's
      foremost OST trainer. The meeting approach will be new for many of
      you, so expect some pleasant surprises. An interesting story about
      what happened when Reebok used Open Space for Product Development can
      be found at http://tinyurl.com/3slw2: "You never know who'll bring in
      your next 20 million dollars."

      Your hosts:

      Ron Jeffries is the senior author of Extreme Programming Installed,
      and was the on-site XP coach for the original Extreme Programming
      project. Ron has been involved with Extreme Programming and Agile
      methods for over eight years, presenting numerous talks and publishing
      papers on the topic. Microsoft has just released Ron's latest book,
      Extreme Programming Adventures in C#. Ron is also the proprietor of
      www.XProgramming.com, a well-known source of XP information.

      Ron is an independent consultant, and is one of the creators of Object
      Mentor's popular XP Immersion course. He has advanced degrees in
      mathematics and computer science, and has been a software developer
      for more years than most of you have been alive. His teams have built
      operating systems, compilers, relational database systems, and a large
      range of applications. Ron's software products have produced revenue
      of over half a billion dollars, and he wonders why he didn't get any
      of it.

      I'm looking forward to some exciting discussions about how things
      are done today, how XP and the other Agile methods fit together,
      and what we can do to make our software development lives better.

      J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger is the author of JUnit Recipes: Practical
      Methods for Programmer Testing, and has spent the last four years
      becoming a better programmer by learning how to be a better tester. He
      is a prominent member of the JUnit community, but also a regular
      contributor to the XP community at large. He will be shaping the
      program of the Agile 2005 conference in Denver, Colorado as the chair
      of the tutorials committee. J. B. has recently launched a new web
      site, www.MasterProgrammer.info, which brings together resources for
      programmers to move along the road from apprentice to master.

      I am thrilled to make Open Space a part of XP Day Toronto 2005.
      Tutorials are an important part of any conference, but the real
      magic happens in the hallway conversations that dot the landscape
      of most conferences I have attended. With Deborah Hartmann as our
      faciliator and Ron Jeffries providing the inspiration, this
      promises to be an enjoyable and productive event. I will even have
      to duck out of the XP Project Room to attend a session or two!

      Your Facilitator:

      Deborah Hartmann is an active proponent of Agile practices, and is a
      Certified ScrumMaster (Practitioner). Deborah has persevered in the
      software industry since the early 80's, and during her extended
      consulting experience often thought "there's got to be a better way!"
      Deborah promotes approaches like XP, Scrum and OpenSpace as means to
      produce better ideas, teams and products. Deb sponsored the "Growing
      Agile Practices" OpenSpace event held in Toronto in 2004. This will be
      her first opportunity to facilitate an OpenSpace event, under the
      tutelage of Larry Peterson, one of Canada's foremost OpenSpace

      J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger
      Diaspar Software Services
      Author, JUnit Recipes: Practical Methods for Programmer Testing
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