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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Airplane exercise

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    Thanks Andrew. I am planning to give this a try. For time boxing, I usually give them the switch context exercise. I am planning to ask them to type 2
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 4, 2013
      Thanks Andrew.

      I am planning to give this a try.

      For time boxing, I usually give them the "switch context" exercise. I am planning to ask them to type 2 different stories and I shall prompt them for the "context switch". Hopefully, this should give them a good idea about Time Boxing.

      For the sprint exercise, I am thinking of asking them to draw some objects [ like squares and circles for given dimensions ] but I have not yet figured out how to bringing in "testing" into this exercise.

      Thanks for your hints though. Much appreciated.

      -- Sarfraaz

      From: Andrew Burrows <mrajburrows@...>
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      Sent: Friday, 1 March 2013 12:33 AM
      Subject: Re: [scrumdevelopment] Airplane exercise

      Hey Sarfraaz,

      I've had some success with Google docs and Google Hangout. The docs, of course, allow people to collaborate, and the drawing tool can be a useful way of getting some form of practical collaboration (though you'll need to be imaginative in how you use it).

      For example, you could have a product owner ask for a drawing as their "product". Break the group into small teams, working in a short (5-min) timebox and request that each team has to demo when they're done. The team has to self-organize to create the drawing (who will draw? will everyone draw?) but the real exercise comes from whether or not the team collaborates with the PO, ensures that they meet the acceptance criteria, collaborate within the timebox, etc...

      Not ideal and requires prep, but it can work well.


      On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 11:05 PM, SARFRAAZ AHMED <s_raaz@...> wrote:

      I have conducted a Scrum Training for my team and they were very enlightened to see the benefits of scrum through the "Airplane exercise". They were able to relate all the concepts of Scrum through their experience of that exercise. But, this was a class room training session.

      I now have got an opportunity to present this training to a distributed team. They are all not working in the same team. And this is more of a know-how session for them. They will be joining the presentation online. I have almost dropped the plan of having any practical sessions for them, where they can actually experience the results of Scrum. But, none-the-less, I thought of asking at this forum if there were any ideas/suggestions that I could use in my online session to help the participants get a feel of Scrum techniques, viz., time boxing, finding impediments, and the improvements seen on removing impediments.

      Please share your ideas/suggestions for this online exercise that I could have for the participants.

      Thanks in advance
      -- Sarfraaz

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