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Scrum of Scrum - new discussion board

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  • avinap77
    Hi all. I ve decided to walk my own talk, and have set up a new discussion board - Scrum of Scrum . The idea is to allow people to discuss Scrum using a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2012
      Hi all.

      I've decided to walk my own talk,
      and have set up a new discussion board - "Scrum of Scrum".

      The idea is to allow people to discuss Scrum using a Scrum-like framework.

      Hopefully this will promote healthy discussions, while demostrating the idea behind scrum in a practical - and fun - manner.

      I'm hoping some of you will be willing to join me in this venture!

      I welcome anybody to join - both experienced facilitators willing to help others as well as newcommers to Scrum looking to brush up their skillsets, as either PO's SM's or Team members.

      I've set it up as a Trello Orgainzation with a set of boards (This is a chance to say big Thank You to the Trello team for providing a wonderful framework - keep it up!)

      Anyone with a Trello account can access the board - it can be accessed through a web browser or through the Trello iPhone and Android apps, so there are no excuses not to join - Win a chance to be the first :)

      The main entry point is here:

      The discussion board is here:

      Looking forward to seeing you there!

      p.s. Here is the description for the main discussion board - hopefully it'll shed some light on the idea:

      Adding new discussions
      Anyone - feel free to add new discussins in the "To Discuss" column.

      You can set a due date - this will be the discussion's timebox. Once the timebox is over, we should close the discussion.

      You - the OP - will be the PO for this discussion. :-)

      It's up to you to make sure you clarify what you want help with.

      ###### Some Guidelines:
      - A brief subject line helps

      - You can enter a more lengthly description in the.. ummm.. description part

      - You might want to add a checklist of points you want covered. This way you can tick off items throughout the discussion when yopu feel they have been answered. This could help everyone keep on focus.

      - Use colors, experiment with the options, have fun!

      Facilitating a discussion
      Someone should take up faciltating the discussion before it's started.
      The facilitator is the ScrumMaster for this discussion - so help it shine!

      Facilitation is volentary - Any member of the Scrum of Scrum organization can volenteer to do it.

      To volenteer to facilitate a discussion - just assign it to yourself. That simple.

      Joining a discussion
      Anyone can join a discussion and give their input.
      Once you join - you'r part of the team - welcome!
      It's up to you to work together with the other team-members on the discussion to get the OP a good result.

      Facilitators - do what you know to keep the discussion on track.
      May the Schwartz be with you!

      Ending a discussion
      In Scrum The SM is responsible for holding up timeboxes. So here too - the facilitator of a discussion should bring it to an end when the due date is coming up.

      Discussion Review
      Once the discussion is over - time to review it.

      Um.... Facilitate a review with the PO/OP and the team.

      You know how. And if you don't - this is a good place to learn and practice.

      Do you accept or reject the discussion? Have you gotten an answer to your question? How valuable was it for you? feedback please!

      This is YOUR chance to feel good - you've helped someone and done the best you can doing it!

      Take the feedback as a gift, even if it's not always positive. It'll help you get it better next time.

      How did we as a team work well? How did we communicate? What was hard and irritating?What would we do better next time?

      Facilitators - Facilitate this! Help the Team and OP's get better as both Scrummers and People. Inspect and adapt for next time. Make the world a better place!

      Done is Done, baby
      Facilitators - move the discussion to Done once it's Done. Make sure it's either Done-Done, Done-Done-Done or Well-Done. Doesn't really matter as long as it's Done.

      Cafeteria Talk
      Everyone - feel free to continue discussing even after the discussion is done. Off-topic issues are better served in the Cafeteria Board - Feel free to hop in. The coffee's on us :)

      Facilitators - you imght want to move a discussion there once it's done. It's your call.

      Oh my, it's the Scrum Police...
      Ok, I guess that's me... yikes.

      I'll be responsible for upholding the basic rules mentioned above.
      Including (I'm thinking this up as I write):
      + If I see someone starts discussing without a facilitator - I'll pull the discussion back to "TODO".
      + If I see this persists - I'll delete the discussion (Ok I can't really delete it but I might archive it, or put it up in the "Hall of Shame" board? hm....)
      + In general anyone who misbehaves will have the Spanish Inquisitin on their heels. Hah, I wish...
      I'll try to do all this without making a total ass of myself. Feedback welcome.

      ##So welcome aboard!
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