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Reducing lead time in Type B Scrum

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  • Ram Srinivasan
    I am helping teams do Type B scrum (http://scrum.jeffsutherland.com/2005/03/scrum-evolution-type-b-and-c-sprints.html) i.e. the next sprint s planning meetings
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2012
      I am helping teams do Type B scrum
      i.e. the next sprint's planning meetings starts right after previous
      sprint's retrospective

      The sprints are two weeks long, the Product Backlog is groomed ( in
      Sprint N) and is almost ready to go (for Sprint N+1) and can
      accommodate minor changes towards next sprint.

      During Sprint N's review, new information is uncovered which adds some
      stories to the top of the backlog (to maximize value delivery). Now PO
      has very little time to get those stories ready as sprint N+1 starts
      immediately ( next business day if review/retrospectives are during
      the previous business day). Not very ideal (what if reviews and
      planning happen in the same day, POs do not have time to get the story
      ready). Alternatively, POs can push it down the backlog but now the
      lead time is 4 weeks (assuming it is taken up in sprint N+2) .

      Have you encountered such situations? From your experience, what worked well ?

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