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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Self organizing teams

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  • Edson Chavez
    Hi Everybody, it s not about Scrum but i want add the books Peopleware and The Art of Agile Development , are really good about teams and agile practices
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 11, 2012
      Hi Everybody, 

      it's not about Scrum but i want add the books "Peopleware" and "The Art of Agile Development", are really good about teams and agile practices


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      2012/6/6 ashish_wrt <ashish@...>

      It is brand new team. So first let them get used to the short iterative delivery cycles.

      Once team has some experience, do not have a dedicated scrum master. Team should decide who among them plays scrum master role.
      Scrum folks prefer that whoever is playing SM role keeps Scrum Master work on higher priority than his work on PBI.

      Empower the team.

      I really like the suggestions by others on limiting the WIP. I have tried it in past and works well. You may look at Kanban for more on it.

      Manager and whoever in team is playing Scrum master role should watch out for any dysfunction and coach the team.

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "z00foodagile@..."<z00foodagile@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone have any tips, experiences, or resources they can share about
      > coaching a team to be more self organizing or self policing? The team in
      > mind is a brand new scrum team (individuals relatively new to scrum),
      > consists of 4 people, and has a dedicated scrum master. Thank you kindly.
      > Greg
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