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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Multiple P.O.'s / Team or Single P.O./ Team with Multiple Products ?

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  • Kevin Callahan
    HI Micheal, First a couple clarifying questions: 1. is the technology homogenous, or mixed (java, C#, rails, etc) 2. Is there an existing mapping of
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 26, 2012
      HI Micheal,

      First a couple clarifying questions: 

      1. is the technology homogenous, or mixed (java, C#, rails, etc)
      2. Is there an existing mapping of team:product now? In other words do the existing teams have ownership, either explicitly through designated ownership or implicitly through something like tech expertise?

      This is a *very* poignant question as my organization is currently forming a 4th engineering team; there will thus be 3 teams working on a WOA/platform architecture solution set that is heterogeneous between java and rails. We have yet to commit to a specific approach to how many backlogs, and how teams will pull from those backlog(s), as well as to what degree the teams should be generalists or specialist on the tech stacks and code bases. This of course doesn't even get into the cultural differences across the teams. Oh, and we're our org is distributed across the continental US...

      Anyhow, I'll be reading answers to your questions with much interest ;)


      On Apr 25, 2012, at 2:36 PM, Michael Tibbert wrote:


      We have 1 team of 5 developers, 1 team of 3 developers and 1 team of 3 developers.

      There is talk about combining the 2 teams of 3 developers into 1 team of 6 developers.

      I am very interested in hearing others experiences how they address the situation of a team working on multiple products.

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.

      Michael Tibbert

      Kevin Callahan, CSP
      Scrum Master
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