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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Clarification needed for PO absence

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  • Charles Bradley - Scrum Coach CSM PSM I
    +1 to Ron s advice, and I ll also add... Summary: You need Mitigating Practices to help make up for this Organizational constraint.  Ron mentioned several
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 15, 2012
      +1 to Ron's advice, and I'll also add...

      Summary: You need "Mitigating Practices" to help make up for this Organizational constraint.  Ron mentioned several of the best ones, and I also cover some mitigating practices in my Bradley User Story Maturity Model.


      Pay special attention to the way the model works, specifically:
      The best practices are listed in the model in the rough order in which I believe teams should attempt the practices. If a team is unable to execute or make progress on a practice, then the team should move on to the next practice and focus on attaining the level of the next practice.
      • For instance, if you can't get your PO 100% allocated, then move on to trying to get the PO co-located. If that doesn't work, then work on having Weekly Story Grooming, and so on.
      I hope people know that I honestly don't try to make sure I post a link to my web site in every post I make.  It just so happens that I've answered similar questions before and I think a particular page can help folks.  I should also mention that I do not make money from ads on my web site or anything else remotely like that. 

      Charles Bradley

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      Hi Paul,

      On Mar 15, 2012, at 7:54 AM, Paul Hudson wrote:

      I don't understand how a PO can do a proper job of understanding what features are of highest value to customers/users of the software without spending time working with those customers/users. In other words, a PO available 100% of the time to the development team is a red flag to me.

      True enough. At the same time, being unavailable results in delays and in decisions being made that are less than ideal. There are forces pointing both ways. The issue can be reduced with better backlog refinement (e.g. acceptance "examples"), with more group involvement and discussion when the PO is around, and other means. The team needs to retrospect on this and devise ways to do better.

      P.S. "The PO should write all this stuff down" is probably not the right way to do better. Just in case it comes up as a suggestion. :)

      Ron Jeffries
      I'm really pissed off by what people are passing off as "agile" these days.
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