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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Seek Advice about Scrum of Scrums

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  • Lukasz Szyrmer
    Another approach is the following: http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Distributed-Scrum-Sutherland-Schoonheim 1. Co locate at the beginning 2. Use XP
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      Another approach is the following:



      1.      Co locate at the beginning

      2.      Use XP engineering practices which help you track aggressively

      3.      Use video teleconferencing




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      Hi Patrick,


      A Scrum-of-Scrums can work, but just putting some representatives from each team together is usually not enough.


      As Kurt is saying, the important thing is to look at what the information needs are between the teams.


      For instance, are you using component teams, or feature teams? Component teams often communicate based on APIs, which keeps the communication simple, but can lead to nasty hand-off delays. Feature teams touch the same code-bases, so some of the communication is though the source code versioning system, but they need more intense communication to ensure they don't break each-other's code, and are in sync on functionality and design matters.


      Some people recommend not using the geographical separation as team 'border', but making teams across locations, to emphasise the need for communication. Certainly, communities of practice should be across all teams and locations.


      My own experience has been that regular contact between people is crucial. When working with multiple teams (up-to four), I've had representatives visit the other teams' stand-ups. The Scrum-of-Scrums was more to have a shared understanding (and action) on impediments, not for regular communication on progress or anything like that. In geographically distributed teams, we used skype for stand-ups, and always-open IRC/IM channels during the work day. Not ideal, but certainly if the people involved know each other well, it can work well enough.



      On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 7:04 AM, Patrick <pmw_email@...> wrote:


      Greetings to fellow Scrum Masters

      I have 2 scrum teams in US and multiple scrum teams in Europe. Apparently, it becomes difficult to keep everyone in sync. I attended all scrum meetings that proved to be inefficient use of my time. I researched and found the idea of Scrum of Scrums. It is not an option right now.

      Have you done Scrum of Scrums?
      If yes, any advices? pros and cons?

      Thanks in advance!

      Best Regards,

      Patrick, TPGM/TPJM
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