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Re: Advice with app rewrite with scrum

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  • bendaygupta
    Hi David, When I saw this thread, I immediately thought hey...I wrote an article about rewrite projects and then I saw that you d already seen it. I m glad
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      Hi David,

      When I saw this thread, I immediately thought "hey...I wrote an article about rewrite projects" and then I saw that you'd already seen it.  I'm glad someone actually read it!  :-)

      Another tip is that your Scrum Master is going to need to get in front of complaints about slow delivery.  Organizations frequently forget how long it took to write the original application.  For example, I have a customer who was rewriting their app.  The original app took about 6 years to write.  The new team re-wrote most of it in a year but there was lots of grumbling throughout the company about how long it was taking to write.  "It's taking them forever to re-write the application.  Can you believe that it's been over a year and they still don't have Feature Xyz in there!?"  

      Someone else on this thread suggested doing the re-write as a gradual replacement.  If that's an option, definitely do it this way.  It would probably eliminate the perceived slow delivery problem and would allow the team to deliver features incrementally.  In a lot of cases this isn't possible because the existing application is such a mess that there isn't a good way to tease it apart and/or the business logic has changed so much that it'd be nearly impossible to replace in chunks.  

      Whatever you do, make sure that you're delivering working software each sprint.  And if you haven't delivered working software, be sure to discuss why in the Retrospective.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, David Roncancio <david.roncancio@...> wrote:
      > Hello, we are rewriting an application originally made in php with anything
      > else, we have alredy evaluated to refactor the actual application but for
      > many reasons we dont want to do it, however i dont know if anyone have used
      > scrum sucesfully in a software rewrite,
      > Chaos report says that +90% of rewrites fail.
      > Martin Fowler advices to use a strangler pattern to strangle the old
      > applications.
      > This
      > <http://reddevnews.com/articles/2011/04/21/scrum-dysfunction-beware-of-the-rewrite-project.aspx>article
      > advice to treat it as a new app, and have the product owner to actually do
      > their job.
      > One of the reasons for the rewite is the lack of software design or
      > architecture which is paying back in lots of maintenance tasks and a mess
      > with customer personalizations, so the management is proposing to do an
      > extensive upfront design based on the actual app, but we been doing so for
      > the past 2 months and i dont see any real results yet.
      > Any advices in how to approach this kind of project, i feel this might
      > happend to a lot of startup apps that stop being a project that was
      > launched very fast to market sacrifing a lot of design, good practices and
      > foresight and start being a platform with lots of users / customers.
      > David Roncancio
      > (+57) 3014311354
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