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[ANN] call for proposals for the “Agile Product Ma nagement” stage

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  • Manoj Vadakkan
    Hello ! I am helping out the stage producers of the Agile Product Management Stage at the Agile India 2012 conference. Even though we are past the early bird
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2011

      Hello ! 

      I am helping out the stage producers of the "Agile Product Management" Stage at the Agile India 2012 conference. Even though we are past the early bird submission date, there is still time for proposing additional session. Please review the call for proposals below and consider proposing a session - for the Product Management stage or various other stages




      309-750-3553 (c)


      Agile Alliance has announced Agile India 2012 in Bangalore, India in Feb 2012. 


      This is a call for proposals for the “Agile Product Management” stage. This stage encompasses both new product development (NPD) and product management in the agile world. 

      New Product Development

      We believe the time is ripe to elevate agile thought process outside the software development team and apply it to the big picture – the end to end product development. We often see significant ‘productivity’ claims from software teams adopting agile practices. However, there are several other key functions involved in product development – product management, user interface design, marketing, sales, technical documentation, beta programs, manufacturing (at least for systems companies), and so on. If software team optimizes its software process, it is good. However, it is necessary but not sufficient to achieve end-to-end agility. If rest of the organization doesn’t change its thought process, we just end up moving the ‘constraint’ from software development to something else, and the true gains of agility might not get realized at the organization level.

      Product Management

      The agile manifesto was written just over ten years ago and it now is a good time to reflect on its impact on product management. We definitely have more than enough reasons to celebrate. Product management practices have matured and adapted, we encourage agilists all over the world to come and share success stories and experiences.

      However there are still challenges. The focus of agile processes is on development processes and the day-to–day tactical issues. This forms only a small subset of activities of any software product development company. There are lot of interesting and very relevant discussions/debates on these challenges. We see this forum as an ideal platform to discuss these challenges and possible solutions.

      Interested to submit a proposal on our stage? http://agileindia2012.agilealliance.org/for-speakers/

      For queries, please email stage producers:

      Tathagat Varma: tathagat.varma [at] gmail [dot] com

      Annu Augustine: annua [at] digiata [dot] com

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