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ScrumAlliance ScrumGathering London: October 11th to 13th

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  • nidge1977
    Don t miss out on the ScrumAlliance Global ScrumGathering on the 11th to the 13th of October! The Theme of the gathering is Transforming the world of work .
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2011
      Don't miss out on the ScrumAlliance Global ScrumGathering on the 11th to the 13th of October!

      The Theme of the gathering is "Transforming the world of work".

      We're going to have Industry Experts bringing the "cutting edge": New ideas, thoughts, methods, tricks. Let's get those big brains along and get them sharing knowledge! Names such as Steve Denning, Tobias Mayer, Jurgen Appelo, James Grenning, Liz Keogh, Roman Pichler, Joseph Pelrine, Geoff Watts, Simon Bennett, Paul Goddard, Gabby Benefield, will be presenting on a variety of subjects.

      Eight Focused Streams of Value: We are focusing each conference room at the Gathering as a theme, as a stream of ideas. Bringing a purpose to each room and allowing us to focus our intentions. The Streams will cover topics such as Change management, Coaching, Scrum, ScrumAnd how it interacts with other ideas and techniques such as engineering practices, lean etc, A stream dedicated to the Product Owner job and how it interacts with business, A stream on War Stories - Experiences by some famous names such as Ericsson, eBay, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. And a Bonus stream covering topics such as how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse and what lessons can be learned for teams!

      Sharing, Speaking and Learning for ALL. This won't be purely for any one community. And it won't just be people speaking at you. The idea of the gathering is this community driven learning and content. So we'll reserve an entire day to generate content, ideas, thoughts and workshops to improve what we do through Open Space Workshop technology. Come to our "Scrum 101" session. Are you "post Agile" or "beyond Scrum"? Come discuss with the Scrum Alliance community and see if we can draw on each other's experiences. We'll have a Scrum Clinic to assist you with all your little Scrum "Aches and Pains" and faciliated by our teams of volunteer Certified Scrum Coaches.

      These three major features, come together to help us achieve the Scrum Gatherings (and the Scrum Alliance's) motto: Transforming the World of Work.

      This Gathering is around TRANSFORMATION. There is an entire stream of content on Change. The act and form of organizational and personal change. There is a stream on how the Scrum Alliance is helping you do this.

      This Gathering is around THE WORLD. We are bring speakers from outside Scrum to share their thinking on a variety of human based and organization based thinking to help us use Scrum effectively and transform. This Gathering being based in the major travel hub of the world, is for the world to come together and share. There will be an entire day dedicated to the community. Via Open Space and Lightning Talks, we will harness the power of the community to solve major questions, share experience and advice and collectively move the world of product development forward one more step.

      This Gathering is around WORK - And how to make it feel like play. Looking at the jobs in Scrum, the framework, what behaviors and tools we can use within Scrum, we will help people harness their own talents and be the best they can be. Not try to make them supermen, but giving them the best opportunities to succeed.

      So why tell you all this? Because I'd love you to come! This is going to be a fantastic event, with all the Scrum "names" from across Europe and lots of new voices sharing great thinking. It's going to be about all of us, running a variety of workshops, games, seminars and discussions on transforming the world of work with Scrum. And it's all going to be taking place in central London, opposite Big Ben itself!

      I'm gonna be there - I can't wait to see you too!


      Program Chair: ScrumGathering London 2012
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