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AgileDC 2011 - Super Early Bird tickets on sale - Join us for AgileDC 2011.

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  • Bob
    AgileDC 2011 - Save $50 now with by taking advantage of our Super Early Bird tickets Join us for AgileDC 2011. AgileDC 2011 is the largest community
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      AgileDC 2011 - Save $50 now with by taking advantage of our Super Early Bird tickets

      Join us for AgileDC 2011. AgileDC 2011 is the largest community organized Agile event in the Washington DC metro area. We bring together Agile thought-leaders and practitioners from government agencies and private industries alike, for an engaging series of talks, workshops and networking opportunities.
      Last years conference sold out so we have moved to a larger venue and we have more tracks to choose from. We are currently working on the schedule.

      Date: Wednesday October 26th, 2011,
      Location: Kellogg Conference Hotel, Washington DC

      Reserve your space now so you do not miss out. We have a limited number of super early bird tickets so register now and save yourself $50 off the regular price.

      Visit http://agiledc.org for information and registration.

      Join local experts and practitioners to boost your agile technical skills.

      We're planning a variety of conference tracks, so there should be something for everyone. These tracks include:

      - Introduction to Agile - For those who have just started trying Agile, or are considering it. You might also find this track helpful if you're looking for a tune-up of your Agile practice.

      - Agile Engineering Practices - Technical practices for programmers and testers. Learn techniques that make Agile development easier and more sustainable.

      - Agile in Government- Government needs software that works reliably and is delivered in a timely manner, too. Those in the public sector, on either side of the fence, face challenges that are a little different from those in the private sector.

      - Enterprise Agile - Particularly for executives and managers: How can your organization get the most benefit from an Agile approach.

      - Agile & Business - From the Product Management Office to Product Managers and Product Owners, how can you help ensure you get the right thing, when you want it.

      - Open Track - For those who've been around the Agile block once or twice, or who just don't find a scheduled session on exactly the issues you face, bring your own topic and find other interested people to explore the answers.

      If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring please drop us an email.

      AgileDC is a not-for-profit conference organized by Agile Philanthropy. Agile Philanthropy's mission is to assist not-for-profits through fund raising and volunteerism. For more information visit AgilePhilanthropy.org or contact Bob Payne 202-903-6854.

      Bob Payne
      AgileDC 2011
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