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[ANN] Call for Sessions: Coaching and Mentoring Stage - Agile 2011

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  • Mark Levison
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2011

      doctor on white background. Isolated 3D imageOla Ellnestam and I are co-producing the Coaching and Mentoring Stage at Agile 2011. Our goal is to produce a stage with some sessions for people new to Coaching, while still having a good supply of sessions for those with more experience. Here is our call to arms:

      Are you a new Agile Coach? Have you been dropped into your current role? Do you want help in transitioning from a technical role to Agile Coach? Not sure where to start? Then this stage is a good place to start your journey and become a person who focuses on helping others. Come and learn techniques, listen to the experience of peer coaches, and see how you can better support technical teams in their day to day struggles.

      Maybe you’re a seasoned coach or a veteran of many teams, then we need you too. We would like to know what makes you different, and what your most effective tools are. Please come out and learn what makes your peers great, both in the formal sessions and hallway conversations.

      Among the questions this stage will attempt to answer:

      • What kind of skills do I need to coach someone in the Agile Principles? Technical Skills? Other skills?
      • What is my next step as a coach? What are common difficulties when coaching?
      • Where do I start and when do I end?
      • How do I coach mature teams?
      • What technique can I use to address dysfunction ?
      • How can I tell I’m not sub optimizing a process by intervening?
      • What techniques are you finding most effective?
      • What have you borrowed from other fields (i.e. organizational development, psychology, executive coaching, neuroscience and anything else you think is relevant)?
      • What differentiates you from other Agile coaches?
      Please see the list of questions as a starting point, something to trigger your thinking. We welcome any proposal/idea that is related to coaching.

      As you can see from the Speaker Info page making the early bird deadline of Jan 10, 2011 gives you the chance of early acceptance and even if you’re not accepted a chance to revise. Sorry stop reading and start proposing.

      Mark Levison
      MarkMark Levison | Agile Pain Relief Consulting  
      Agile Editor @ InfoQ | Blog | Twitter | Office: (613) 862-2538
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