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Agile 2011-Call for Experience Reports

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  • Linda Rising
    Agile 2011 – Insights- Experience Reports http://agile2011.agilealliance.org/ August 7-13, 2011, Salt Lake City, USA Insight reports share intriguing
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      Agile 2011 – Insights- Experience Reports
      August 7-13, 2011, Salt Lake City, USA

      Insight reports share intriguing observations, hard fought wisdom, and
      compelling stories about the nitty-gritty details of agile tactics,
      practices, values, and challenges. This stage amplifies the voices and
      experiences of those who don’t typically present at conferences. We are
      also interested in hearing from those who’ve previously shared
      experiences and want to update their progress.

      If your insight proposal is accepted, we will work with you
      (shepherding) as you write a 6-8 page paper that will be published in
      the conference proceedings. Presenters on the insight stage also commit
      to preparing a half-hour presentation as well as writing a paper about
      their experiences.

      In your proposal, include a brief description presenting your background
      and experience (entered into the submission system as text) and 1-2
      pages with a few more details and key insights. Also include information
      on how we can contact you. We may want to chat with you during our
      review process to ask you specific questions.

      Your final report should read like an investigative report, explaining
      what happened, why it happened, who it happened to, and why we should care.
      We are interested in proposals exploring these and other provocative

      - How did you uniquely scale, blend, adapt or evolve agile practices?
      - What mistakes did you make? What insights have you gained that others
      need to know about?
      - What was it like integrating agile development into to the rest of
      your organization?
      - How successful were you in overcoming challenges? What challenges remain?
      - If you’ve been doing agile development for some time, how have your
      values or ways of working changed? What are you doing now and why?
      - How have you uniquely addressed architecture, design, usability,
      quality assurance, hardware, deployment, marketing, product definition,
      or regulatory constraints?

      Important dates:

      - Last day to submit proposal: February 14
      - Notification of all shepherding assignments: February 21
      - Shepherding begins: February 22 (some shepherding might start earlier)
      - Notification of rejected proposals: March 1
      - Final Insight paper due to shepherd: April 1
      - Final notification of acceptance: April 18
      - Camera-ready report due: May 1
      - Presentations: week of August 7

      Submission Process:

      Initial proposals will be reviewed by at least 3 members of the insights
      review committee. Proposals will be reviewed as they are received. It is
      better to get your proposal in early as we then will have time to review
      it more thoroughly. Proposals that pass an initial review will be
      assigned a shepherd from the committee. The proposer will then be
      shepherded in writing a 6-8 page paper. If your paper is recommended for
      acceptance by the shepherd and then accepted by the committee it will be
      published in the electronic proceedings. Final papers must follow the
      IEEE Proceedings format

      Upon notification of acceptance, authors will be asked to complete a
      copyright form and will receive further instructions for preparing their
      camera ready version. At least one author of each insight report is
      expected to register for the conference and present the results at Agile

      Best paper award: The IEEE Software Agile 2011 Best insight paper award
      will be given to the paper deemed by the review committee to be the most
      engaging, reflective, and interesting experience report.


      Insights Stage Co-Producers: 
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Wirfs-Brock
      Associates, and Linda Rising, Independent consultant

      Review Committee:

      Brian Foote, Independent consultant
      Eric Willeke, Rally Software Development
      Ian Savage, McAfee
      Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group
      Joseph Yoder, The Refactory
      Nanette Brown, SEI
      Rob Myers, Agile Institute
      Rhea Staddick, Intel
      Tim O’Conner, K12
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