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How to manage knowledge, timetracking and team moods in agile projects

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  • Mariano
    Hello SCRUM Masters!!! My name is Mariano Stampella I´m one of the DynamicJasper
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2010

      Hello SCRUM Masters!!!


      My name is Mariano Stampella  I´m one of the DynamicJasper product managers, and I want to share with you a new app from FDV SolutionsJenna.


      The main idea is to have a virtual assistant who knows about you, how many hours did you work, in which proyects are you actually working on, your main kills, etc. With all this information she will talk to you in a simple, natural and trendy way, using Google Talk Instant Messenger (MSN coming soon). She will ask you  bout your assignments, efforts, knowledge to share, and about your feelings. We are working a lot to integrate this product with Tero and to improve the profile  settings. We know it is not that easy to start using Jenna for the moment, as creating a new project or inviting a co-worker should be simpler.

      However, in two weeks we will be deploying a new version that includes a cool Dashboard and a lot of usability improvements, and it is going to be ABSOLUTELY FREE and probably Open Source in a few months.

      To give it a try please visit Jenna Website and enjoy talking to Jenna!!! 

      More information on SlideShare




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