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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: ANN: Free Sprintometer v5.05 with 3D Burn Down chart and user defined work types

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Sergei, ... Perhaps. I m not so sure. I don t think that remote people need such detail within the sprint; I d suggest a shorter sprint if end-of-sprint data
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 27, 2010
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      On 9/27/10 1:54 AM, sergei.andrz wrote:
      > Hi, George,
      > It could be but anyway remote customers and senior headers in case of
      > offshore development do want some reporting and 3D Burn down could be
      > a reasonable option because it is rather high level overview and thus
      > it helps to avoid micromanagement.

      Perhaps. I'm not so sure. I don't think that remote people need such
      detail within the sprint; I'd suggest a shorter sprint if end-of-sprint
      data is not detailed enough. I also don't think that an
      automatically-drawn rhumb line is beneficial to a burn-down chart, as it
      tends to be interpreted as an "ideal rate." And I think that having
      separate burndowns for different roles is far too likely to lead to
      finger-pointing and to an "I've done my part" attitude. These fears are
      all based on real experiences.

      If you're trying to make a bottleneck visible, a Cumulative Flow Diagram
      will show it. You still have to be sure everyone feels responsible for
      the whole, though, rather than pointing a finger at the poor bottleneck.

      > I agree with possible risk of micromanagement but it is probably
      > another story and PM/SCRUM master can protect the team in the best
      > way depending on situation.
      > Yes, SCRUM master and PM are different roles that's why I mentioned
      > them separately.

      Then I misinterpreted your "a project manager (SCRUM master)" as an

      > By the way, George, what is your suggestion for project status
      > reporting to customers and software provider headers in offshore
      > situation?

      I suggest having a person who is part of, or at least local with, the
      team compose a report that emphasizes the important issues. It's best
      if that report is also delivered verbally. I've yet to find a
      substitute for human judgment in upward reporting.

      - George

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