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Re: [scrumdevelopment] SCRUM Requirements Documentation and tracking

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  • Dan Rawsthorne
    Scrum does not require documentation. But you project and/or product might. Dan Rawsthorne, PhD, CST Senior Trainer/Coach, CollabNet drawsthorne@collab.net,
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 1, 2010
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      Scrum does not require documentation. But you project and/or product might.

      Dan Rawsthorne, PhD, CST
      Senior Trainer/Coach, CollabNet
      drawsthorne@..., 425-269-8628

      Marchi, Michael wrote:
      > Ravi,
      > Scrum does not say that you do no documentation. Scrum says you should
      > have no more documentation than you need to have. It goes a little
      > further to say that Scrum (itself) requires no documentatation – which
      > I think is where most of the confusion originates.
      > On a large-scale project, you will certainly need SOME documentation
      > to capture key interaction and architectures that are shared among
      > teams. If your project is complex enough that such documentation is
      > needed, then those documents should be part of the Sprint deliverables
      > as well. The trick is determining how much is enough.
      > Keep in mind this principal behind the Agile Manifesto:
      > “Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is
      > essential.” That is to say, don’t fall into the trap of having to
      > design your entire architecture, or complete volumes and volumes of
      > design documentation prior to STARTING to work. In a large-scale,
      > multi-team project, I like the idea of having an “architecture team”
      > that works just far enough ahead of the development teams to ensure
      > that the next bits of work are defined enough for the teams to move
      > confidently forward.
      > Many of the tools you are used to using still have a role in an agile
      > project. Agility is in how you apply those tools.
      > Regards,
      > Michael Marchi
      > Siemens Industry, Inc.
      > Building Technologies
      > michael.marchi@... <mailto:michael.marchi@...>
      > SW Engineer IV, CSM, CSPO, CSP, Agile Coach and Trainer
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      > *Subject:* [scrumdevelopment] SCRUM Requirements Documentation and
      > tracking
      > I am a new bee to SCRUM. I am helping as a business analyst for a team
      > developing a large system using Scrum. Almost requirements are
      > received from Business same time for Dev, QA and BA. They are captured
      > as Clear quest stories and tracked. But some times dev struggle with
      > lack of documentation. It is difficult to document because of two week
      > sprint deliveries. Development mostly done through collaboration, but
      > users would like the BAs to have some documentation as well as
      > developers and some new bees joining the project may need some
      > documentation as well.
      > I am Coming from RUP world - how do I document requirements in SCRUM.?
      > I have heard of user stories... Is there a std way to capture and
      > track these?Are there any guidelines.? how these are captured and
      > tracked.? Is there a traceability anywhere of these tasks to the
      > features/vision etc.? Are there any tools available on SCRUM .?
      > what is equivalent of RUP usecases, features - activity diagrams etc
      > -> what documents typically development team use in SCRUM? and user
      > community in future.?What is the importance of UML modeling in Scrum
      > world.? Does it encourage No modeling at all.?
      > Any help is appreciated..
      > Thanks,
      > Ravi Bellamkonda,PMP
      > IBM Certified Specialist for RUP
      > rbellamkonda@... <mailto:rbellamkonda@...>
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