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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Screw up!

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  • Andy Naessens
    Jeff.. Thank you so much for passing this on. I absolutely agree with you on Pilar, keeping the TEAM Together & especially : SCREW UP FAST.... I Call this
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 22, 2010
      Jeff.. Thank you so much for passing this on. I absolutely agree with you on Pilar, keeping the TEAM Together & especially : SCREW UP FAST.... I Call this approach REALISTIC AGILE ....... A CLASSIC! TTYS.... Andy Naessens aka Rev Agile Howling Wolf

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      This is inspirational, and I think will form 2-3 slides of my next
      agile presentation I do.


      On 6/22/10, BOONE Nadya <nadya.boone@...> wrote:
      > Right next to "Screw up as fast as possible" I'll hang another banner
      > that says "Keep the team together!"
      > Nadya Duke Boone
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      > I just finished ready an interesting article on Pixar in Wired magazine:
      > http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/05/process_pixar
      > While not officially "agile", their process is amazingly empirical and
      > agile-like.
      > "Pixar has made nine films, and every one has been a smashing success.
      > The average international gross per Pixar film is more than $550
      > million, and the cartoons are critical darlings-the studio has collected
      > 24 Academy Awards. Nobody in Hollywood knows anything. Pixar seems to
      > know everything."
      > Start with business value, and deliver more of it.
      > "Pixar's secret? Its unusual creative process. Most of the time, a
      > studio assembles a cast of freelance professionals to work on a single
      > project and cuts them loose when the picture is done. At Pixar, a staff
      > of writers, directors, animators, and technicians move from project to
      > project. As a result, the studio has built a team of moviemakers who
      > know and trust one another in ways unimaginable on most sets."
      > Hmmm. A cross functional team that works together continuously. Where
      > have we seen this before?
      > "Animation days at the studio all begin the same way: The animators and
      > director gather in a small screening room filled with comfy couches.
      > They eat Cap'n Crunch and drink coffee. Then the team begins analyzing
      > the few seconds of film animated the day before, as they ruthlessly
      > "shred" each frame. Even the most junior staffers are encouraged to join
      > in."
      > OK, so it's not an official stand-up, although I do like the idea of the
      > comfy couches...and the Cap'n Crunch. Everyone is encouraged to share
      > their views.
      > "The upper echelons also subject themselves to megadoses of healthy
      > criticism. Every few months, the director of each Pixar film meets with
      > the brain trust, a group of senior creative staff. The purpose of the
      > meeting is to offer comments on the work in progress, and that can lead
      > to some major revisions."
      > Retrospectives, while not performed every iteration, offer a chance to
      > alter the outcome early and often.
      > ""It's important that nobody gets mad at you for screwing up," says Lee
      > Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3. "We know screwups are an essential
      > part of making something good. That's why our goal is to screw up as
      > fast as possible.""
      > That's my new motto. I'm going to make a banner, and hang it in my work
      > area:
      > "Screw up as fast as possible!"
      > Mark

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      Jeff Anderson


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