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Agile Bazaar meeting 06/03/10: Kanban: Process Evolution at Constant Contact.

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    What: New England Agile Bazaar June meeting Topic: Upstream Kanban: Process Evolution in the Constant Contact Website Team Speaker: Rick Simmons and Mike
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2010
      What: New England Agile Bazaar June meeting
      Topic: Upstream Kanban: Process Evolution in the Constant Contact Website Team
      Speaker: Rick Simmons and Mike Fitterman
      When: Thursday June 3 6pm - 9pm
      Where: Constant Contact 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham *NOTE DIFFERENT LOCATION*
      Cost: Free including food, courtesy of our sponsors

      Details and RSVP at http://www.agilebazaar.org

      ------------------- SPONSORS
      AccuRev http://www.accurev.com/
      Avid http://www.avid.com/
      BigVisible Solutions http://www.bigvisible.com/
      Constant Contact http://www.constantcontact.com/
      IBM http://www.ibm.com/us/en/
      Lean-Agile Partners http://www.leanagilepartners.com/
      Rally Software http://www.rallydev.com/
      VersionOne http://versionone.com/

      ------------------- ABSTRACT
      Over a ten-month period, the web team at Constant Contact moved from a disjoint, iteration-based approach to a single flow process based on Kanban and incorporating the entire value chain from concept to deployment. We faced common problems of working in silos, disjoint cycles, unreasonable time in planning and retros, and unbounded hand-offs to outside groups. Over ten months evolved a process that has doubled our visibility and increased throughput by two-thirds, among many other benefits. A focus on flow allowed us to push the process upstream into product management and marketing. A significant reorganization combined components of marketing, product strategy and engineering under a single general manager, around a single value stream. Our success has caught the attention of the entire organization, and interest in Kanban is rapidly growing in many areas of the company.

      Our Speakers:
      Rick Simmons, Director of Agile Practices, Constant Contact Rick has been leading software development and operations teams for over 20 years. He began using agile concepts in 2004, and introduced Scrum at Constant Contact in 2005. Rick's current focus is on Kanban and flow-based delivery in technology teams, and the scaling of the combined Scrum-Kanban organization. Professional areas of interest include organizational process maturity, lean-agile beyond technology teams, new concepts in metrics, and anything to do with small business and start-ups Prior to his current role at Constant Contact, Rick led teams that built the company's on-line survey and web API offerings. Previously, he was VP of Technology and co-founder of Xteric Technology Group in Cleveland, Ohio. He spent his early career in health care data processing, managing the nation's largest electronic claim translation and delivery system. Rick is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a major in Computer Engineering. He lives in Boston and Cleveland and has interests in art of all kinds, fitness, cooking, and current events.

      Mike Fitterman, Engineering Manager, Web Site, Constant Contact Mike currently manages the Website Engineering team at Constant Contact and was the main resource guiding their adoption of Kanban in 2009-10. Mike's career spans 22+ years in software development. He has held the full range of roles, from junior programmer to VP of Engineering, working at companies large and small, including as a co-founder in a startup. In 1997, Mike won Apple's Java Coding Contest for developing a Macintosh Netscape plug-in that could run Apple's Java VM. Mike has a B.S degree in Information Systems and Decision Support Systems from Carnegie Mellon University, with a concentration in Computer Science.

      ------------------- UPCOMING EVENTS
      - Thursday 05/06/10: May monthly meeting
      Nanette Brown: Agile and Architecture: Crossing the Great Divide

      - Saturday 05/15/10 - 05/16/10: Special Event
      Deep Agile 2010.
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