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New Book on Agile Adoption Case Studies -- looking for contributors

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  • aguannolaunch
    I am putting together a book of case studies on the experiences of companies adopting agile for a publisher. We are looking for contributions. Specifically,
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      I am putting together a book of case studies on the experiences of companies adopting agile for a publisher. We are looking for contributions. Specifically, we are looking for stories of organizations in various industries who have adopted agile management methods (Scrum or others). Both public and private sector examples are being sought out.

      We are trying to standardize the format of the case studies as much as possible. The headings we are looking for are:

      - Company Overview - a brief background on the company including its position in its industry, size, etc. (Company names will be used, and if it makes it an easier "sell" to the company brass, we can include names of execs showing their leadership in the agile adoption.)

      - Why Go Agile? - what is the problem the company was facing that made them seek out agile?

      - The Adoption Approach - list what the company did to prepare for the adoption (training, reorgs, process changes, etc.) and strategically how they planned to roll it out (big bang, pilot project then deploy to a department, pilot project then deploy for all new projects, pilot project then scatter team members to seed a grassroots change, etc.)

      - What Went Well - what parts of the adoption strategy worked out well? Include any interesting observations. Metrics showing real improvements would be appreciated if available. Try to look broadly at the initiative: financial impacts, HR impacts, customer satisfaction impacts, etc.

      - Adoption Challenges - what issues arose during the adoption and how were they overcome? What were the lessons learned that other companies may be able to learn from?

      - Conclusion - any final thoughts, observations, etc.

      - Company contact name and contact information (to verify that we have permission to print the case study in the book).

      - Case study author information including brief bio, photo (head and shoulders shot), and contact information.

      All contributors will receive free copies of the resulting case study book, the ability to purchase additional copies at a deep author discount directly from the publisher, their photo and bio in the book (plus contact info, if desired -- plug your website!), the chance to make their consulting clients look good by getting their case studies included in the book, and recognition that they are now a published author!

      As with our earlier multi-contributor books, we will be contributing all author royalties to the International Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund (www.icrc.org).

      Please contact me at editor@... to discuss your case study individually. Get creative -- we are looking for lots of variety.

      Target audience are CIOs, VPs, Directors and other senior managers who are interested in learning about agile adoption strategies before they embark on their own agile transformation.
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