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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Can we use the word "introspection" for referring "retrospective" ?

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  • Joshua Partogi
    Hi Laurent and everyone, Thank you for the insights and explanations. We really appreciate it. Now I get the picture that retrospective can not be referred
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 7, 2010
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      Hi Laurent and everyone,

      Thank you for the insights and explanations. We really appreciate it.
      Now I get the picture that "retrospective" can not be referred by
      "introspection" as they both have different meanings.

      Just in case you are wondering, we are from the Scrum Indonesia user
      group (http://groups.google.com/group/scrum-indonesia). The reason is
      not that we want to replace "retrospective" with "introspection", it's
      just that in Bahasa Indonesia "retrospective" has not been translated.
      But based on the inputs from some people, I might suggest the
      committee to translate "retrospective" to be "retrospektif" in Bahasa

      Kind regards,


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Laurent Bossavit <laurent@...> wrote:
      > Hi Joshua,
      > The words have different common meanings, AND different meanings as
      > terms of art in Agile.
      > "Retro" suggests looking back (i.e. at the past history of something),
      > "intro" suggests looking within (i.e. at present processes).
      > There is no "introspection" term of art specific to Agile or Scrum,
      > that I am aware. The closest corresponding Scrum term is "inspect", as
      > in "inspect and adapt".
      > The Agile term of art "retrospective" specifically means a meeting
      > designed to examine significant events in some recent period in a
      > team's current (or just completed) project, to surface strengths that
      > should be preserved, lessons learned, and ideas for future improvement.
      > Compare with the Scrum-specific term "Sprint review", which some
      > authors take as synonymous with "retrospective", while others consider
      > it a distinct meeting. (The Sprint Review then focuses on status
      > reporting, such as discussing Velocity, and demoing the product; while
      > the retrospective focuses more on team functioning.) Alistair Cockburn
      > calls these "reflection workshops".
      > Historically, the term is owed to Norm Kerth who wrote the book
      > "Project Retrospectives", which inspired the founding of a community
      > that substantially overlapped with the growing Agile community, and
      > eventually the term (and practice) "retrospective" were absorbed into
      > Agile and Scrum.
      > My advice to you would be to stick to the now-standard
      > "retrospective", if you are talking about the meeting where people ask
      > "What went well, what did we learn, what can we improve".
      > If for some reason you really hate the term, find a way to translate
      > Alistair's "reflection workshop". I suspect that your using
      > "introspection" would mostly cause confusion, rather than
      > clarification, but I'd be interested in hearing more about your
      > thinking.
      > Cheers,
      > Laurent Bossavit
      > laurent@...
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