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[ANN] Turku Agile Day '010 - 17.-18.3.2010

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  • Tomi Juhola
    TURKU AGILE DAY WED-THU March 17th - 18th 2010 @ ICT-BUILDING, TURKU Department of Information Technology, IT student clubs Digit and Asteriski, and IT alumni
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2009
      TURKU AGILE DAY WED-THU March 17th - 18th 2010 @ ICT-BUILDING, TURKU

      Department of Information Technology, IT student clubs Digit and Asteriski, and IT alumni organization 0-kerho from University of Turku proudly welcome You to Turku Agile Day '010 Conference, the coolest software conference ever arranged in Turku! The conference is held on March 17th - 18th 2010 at ICT-building, Turku.

      During the conference you will find out what is the hottest hot in the agile software development world right now. The conference starts with hands-on tutorials and workshops on Wednesday, while the pragmatic presentations on Thursday reveal how the big players use agile methods and how You can adapt the methods in Your own projects. There's something for both agile experts and agile newcomers. The conference also provides an excellent networking opportunity by means of a conference dinner.

      Feedback from Turku Agile Day '09 (www.turkuagileday.fi/past/2009) suggested that we should provide more hands-on sessions for the participants. Having this valuable feedback, we decided to answer to the queries. On Wednesday we will provide hands-on workshops 'for everyone' - from development practices (continuous integration, test-driven development) to testing practices (exploratory testing). If you wonder how to guide your development to get the story done, Acceptance-Test-Driven Development workshop is meant for you. For those interested in Lean SW development and prioritizing backlog items, the 'Gaming track' (Lean Manufacturing Game, Business Value Game) should provide the most value.

      Browse http://www.turkuagileday.fi and enroll now!


      Agile SW development has been one of the top topics in SW industry lately. The development methodology has raised from the realization that waterfall-like project management methodologies do not reflect to the real world requirements fast enough. Thus, one main concerns of agile sw development is to be adaptable - any sw project should not fear change, since change is evitable in a SW project. Agile aims to tackle the changing requirements by releasing early and often and demonstrating the process to the customer. Getting feedback from the customers is crucial for the project success.


      Wednesday, March 17th 2010, is a hands-on day with 8 workshop sessions. See http://www.turkuagileday.fi/conference for the schedule

      Thursday, March 18th 2010, is a full-day conference with 10 speakers from all over the world.

      See latest conference program from http://www.turkuagileday.fi/conference


      Elisabeth Hendrickson (http://www.qualitytree.com/company/elisabeth/, http://testobsessed.com/)


      Go to register.turkuagileday.fi and enroll!

      * Main event, Thu 18th: 100€
      * Workshops, Wed 17th: 80€
      * Early-bird discount, until January 8th 2010:
        * conference day: 10€
        * workshop day: 20€
      * Member (member of Digit or Asteriski) discount for the main event: 20€
      * Student fee for conference: 5€

      All fee's are VAT exempt.
      Enrollment closes 14 days before the event.


      Full refund, no cancellation fee before December 31st, 2009
      Full refund, 50€ cancellation fee after December 31st, 2009
      No refund after March 1st, 2010

      Tomi Juhola

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