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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Transition Model to Agility

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    Any approach claiming to have templates, processes, and a step by step standardized process to becoming Agile has got a lot lip stick smeared over what they
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      Any approach claiming to have templates, processes, and a step by step standardized process to becoming Agile has got a lot lip stick smeared over what they have peddled all these years. Save some of your budget so that an Agile consulting and coaching team can step in and save your jobs.

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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Transition Model to Agility


      Many organizations failed to adopt pre defined, packaged agile methodologies such as Scrum, XP or … to existing process model and organization, the reasons are dependents on many factors but I think the root of problem is fitting pre packaged methodology in existing process model. In fact organization encounter with two major steps:

      1. Create custom Hybrid methodology
      2. Adopting agility

      So what is solution? I think agile community needs to define process model for adopting agile principle in organization.

      Regarding to Phase 1, organization needs to know existing process model in more detail in first step, so this is named “Process Model Research�, in this step organization should define organization style and how it works.

      In this step we can apply some techniques for decomposition of our process model or reverse engineering of existing process model, actually our goal in this step is to define existing problem.

      In the next step we should define what’s perfect process for our organization? We should define clear and measurable ideal process model for our organization.

      At the next we should compare existing process and ideal process with each other, as result you can see what’s difference in order to reaching ideal process.

      By this research now you can imaging what’s problem and research on existing methodologies and create new hybrid model which is fit for your problem.

      But this is just first step of our work “Create Custom Hybrid Methodology�, in the next phase we should research on how we can adopt this methodology in our organization with minimum impact.

      Every individual and organization which is trying to adopt agility know that it’s more than applying some principle in our existing process model, it will change our organization culture, communication, team work and process model of organization.

      In Adoption phase, we need another research to identify and answer all these questions.

      In this phase you need to identify all of involved stakeholders and prepare an action plan for different groups of people.

      All of the involved stakeholders should aware value of agility and you should define scope of this strategic change in organization.

      At the next it’s great to start with pilot project and monitor status of progress until reaching to stable level of agility. Please note that Transition to agility is long term strategic change, and you should be patient and it will result for you when you monitor and review it in incremental manner.

      This is just simple “Transition Model to Agility�, I need your help and suggestion for improving this process model and make it useful for other organization which is trying to adopt agility or extending current process model.

      Thanks in advance,
      Alireza Haghighatkhah.
      http://myopendraft. blogspot. com/

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